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  • Wyoming Antelope GMU 67 Map Image
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Wyoming Antelope GMU 67 Map

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Hunting unit map of Wyoming Game Management Unit ANT-67 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 82501,Alkali Butte,Alkali Butte Mine,Alkali Butte Unit,Alkali Creek,Allard Reservoir,Anderson Mine,Andria Mine,Andria Two Mine,Arabic Number Seven Mine,B. T. W. Number Eighteen Mine,Badwater Creek,Barber Reservoir,Battle Axe Reservoir,Bearspring Area Mine,Beaver Divide Mine,Bell Mine,Blarco Mine,Blue Star Number Twenty Mine,Bobcat Number Eighteen Mine,Bonneville,Bonneville Mill Mine,Bridger Creek,Brody Reservoir,Buffalo Wallows,Bullrush Mine,Bullrush Number Two Mine,Bum Steer Number One Mine,Burlington Ditch,Burlington Reservoir,C and B Number Two Mine,Cal Mine,Cal Number Fifteen Mine,Cal Number Seven Mine,Campbell Lake,Canary Number Two Mine,Canyon Creek,Cheyenne Strip Mine,Chimney Rock Reservoir,Claim Number One Mine,Clay City Ruins,Clyde Bret Mine,Clyde Mine,Clyde Mines,Clyde Number Five Mine,Clyde Number Three Mine,Cocharn Mine,Coco Underground Number One Mine,Conant Creek,Connant Creek Mine,Coohow Number One Mine,Coyote Creek,Croft Ranch,Daniel F Hudson Reservoir,Davison Ranch,Day Butte,Day Mine,Day Number Twenty-six Mine,Day Ore Pad Reservoir,Day South Reservoir,Days Reservoir,Deadman Hill,Deadman Reservoir,Dee 1-2 Mine,Dee Number One Mine,Dee Number Six Mine,Deer Creek,Dick Number Eighteen Mine,Dick Number Fifteen Mine,Dick Number Five Mine,Dick Number Fourteen,Dick Number Nine Mine,Dick Number Nineteen Mine,Dick Number One Mine,Dick Number Seven Mine,Dick Number Twenty-one Mine,Dick Number Two Mine,Dinty Moore Reservoir,Dolus Creek,Double Butte,Double Butte Reservoir,Downey Mine,Dry Cheyenne Creek,Dry Coyote Creek,Dry Creek,Eagle Number Five Mine,East Fork Long Creek,East Horseshoe Reservoir,East Reservoir,E-Twenty Claim,Eureka Group Mine,Eureka Two Mine,Eureka-Imperial Mine,Eu-Ro Number One Mine,Federal American Open Pit,Federal Numbers 10-13 Mine,Findlay Lake,Findlay Reservoir,Findlay Springs Mine,Fivemile Creek,Franciscan Claims,Fraser Reservoir,Frenchie Reservoir,Fuller Reservoir,Gate,Gates Butte,George Homestead,George Number Eleven Mine,George Number Fourteen Mine,George Number Six Mine,George Number Thirteen Mine,George Number Twelve Mine,George Number Two Mine,Gibbs Butte,Gibbs Place,Givens Homestead,Government Meadows Windmill,Graham Reservoir,Green River Mine,Green River Mine of Western Nuclear,Grives Ranch,Groveland Number One Mine,H G F Number Seven Mine,Hades Number Seventeen Mine,Haybarn Hill,Hidden Valley,Homestead Flat Reservoir,Hoodoo Creek,Hope and Star Mine,Hope Number One Mine,Horseshoe Creek,Hunt Mine,Hunter Lease Mine,Indian Butte,Indian Grove,Indian Grove Creek,Jack Number Nine Mine,Jack Number Two Mine,Jeffrey City Division,Jent Number Six Mine,Jonebell Number Ten Mine,Kanson Ranch,Keeno Number One Mine,Lateral P-31.7,Lateral P-34.0,Lateral P-34.9,Leitch Reservoir,Linda Number Two Mine,Linn Ranch,Little Signor Mine,Loco C Mine,Loco D Mine,Logan Gulch Oil Well Number 1,Logan Gulch Oil Well Number 2,Logan Junction Reservoir,Logan Reservoir,Loma Mine Group,Loma-Day Claims,Long Creek Mountain,Long Creek Ranch,Lost Cabin,Love Ranch,Love Reservoir,Lucky McNoble Mine,Lysite,Mahoney Reservoir,McKenzie Windmill,Moneta,Moone Creek,Muddy Creek,Muskrat Basin,Muskrat Creek,Muskrat Creek Mine,Myers Ranch,Neble,Neble Hill,Nels Number Eight Mine,Nels Number Twenty Mine,North Logan Reservoir,North Sand Draw Unit,Ocla Reservoir,Oil Mountain,Oil Mountain Number One Mine,Oil Springs Creek,Ore Ranch,Pavillion Main Lateral,Picard Ranch,Poison Creek,Posey Ranch,Prodigy Hill,PUC Number Twenty-six Mine,Puddle Springs Ranch,Ramsey Homestead,Rate Sheep Camp,Reid Reservoir,Reno Number One Mine,Reservoir Creek,RMCC Number Eight Mine,Roberts Sheep Camp,Robinson Reservoir,Robinson Shearing Pens,Rock Creek,Rock Creek Mountain,Rongis Reservoir,Sand Creek,Sand Draw,Sand Draw Coal Mine,Schoening Creek,Seventy-one Reservoir,Sheep Camp Reservoir,Sherlock Homestead,Sherlock Reservoir,Sherlock Shearing Pens,Shoshoni,Shoshoni Division,Siddons,Signor Mine,Signor Reservoir,Spring Creek,Springs Drain,Squaw Butte,Strubel Number Fourteen-A Mine,Sucker Reservoir,The Dry Lakes,Tin Cup Mine,Tin Cup Mountain,Town of Shoshoni,Upper Signor Reservoir,Valley View Store,Viola Number One Mine,Water Tank Hill,Webb Ranch,West Fork Long Creek,Willow Springs Reservoir,Zelda Mine