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  • Wyoming Antelope GMU 74 Map Image
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Wyoming Antelope GMU 74 Map

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Hunting unit map of Wyoming Game Management Unit ANT-74 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 82630,82638,82642,Adobe Reservoir,Alich Number Nine Claim,AlJob Number Nine Mine,AlJob Number Twelve Mine,Alkali Reservoir,Antelope Reservoir,Arminto,Asbell Homestead Site,B. T. W. Number Eighteen Mine,Bad Water Creek Reservoir,Bald Mountain,Bates Creek Mine,Beaver Rim Annex Mine,Bengal Mars Number One Mine,Big Bull Number Three Mine,Bill Eykamp Number Two Mine,Black Mountain,Black Rocks,Blackjack Ranch,Blackstone Number Fifty-one Mine,Blackstone Number Five Mine,Blue Buck Number One Number Mine,Bobcat Group Mine,Bobcat Mine,B-One Mine,Boss Mine,Boundary Overstrip of Federal-American Mine,Boundary Overstrip of Tee Mine Number One,Boundary Overstrip of Tee Mine Number Two,Bountiful Number Nine Mine,Boyle Reservoir,Brandau Ranch,Bridge Number One Mine,Bridge Reservoir,Brush Creek,B-Two Pit,Buffalo Wallows,Bum Steer Number One Mine,Burke Reservoir,Bus Rus Mine,Buss Number Six Mine,Cameron Spring Reservoir,Canyon Creek,Canyon Creek Reservoir,Carlson Ranch,Charlotte Reservoir,Christine Lake,Circle Bar Ranch,Clay City Ruins,Claytor Ranch,Clyde Bret Mine,Clyde Mine,Clyde Mines,Clyde Number Five Mine,Clyde Number Three Mine,Coalbank Hills Mine,Coco Underground Number One Mine,Cooper Reservoir,Cotton Ferguson Mine,Cottonwood Ranch,Cow Camp Creek,Cow Camp Reservoir,Coyote Creek,Day Mine,Day Number Twenty-six Mine,Day Ore Pad Reservoir,Day South Reservoir,Dead Horse Reservoir,Deer Creek,Defelder Reservoir,D-Eight Pit,Dick Number Five Mine,Dick Number Six Mine,Doc Number Thirteen Mine,D-One Mine,Donlin Reservoir,Dry Coyote Creek,Dry Creek,Dry Fork,Dutton Basin,East Canyon Creek,East Fork Sage Hen Creek,East Reservoir,E-K Creek,Ervay Basin,Fales Creek,Fales Rocks,Federal American Open Pit,Forgery Ranch,Fossil Reservoir,Fraser Reservoir,Frenchie Reservoir,Garfield Peak,Garrison Reservoir,Gas Hills Operation Mine,Gay Claim,George Homestead,Goat Mountain,Goat Mountain Area Mine,Graham Reservoir,Hiland,Hiland Reservoir,Hoff Lake,Holiday Homestead,Hope and Star Mine,Hope Number One Mine,Hope Number Two Mine,Hylite Number Three Mine,Indian Grove Creek,Iron Springs Reservoir,Jack Ranch,Jack Reservoir,Jackneese Number Nine Mine,Jackpot Reservoir,Jameson Ranch,JE Ranch,Kanson Ranch,Keeno Number One Mine,K-one Pit,Lady Emma Reservoir,Landon Creek,Lee Mine,Linn Ranch,Loco C Mine,Loco D Mine,Loma Mine Group,Loma-Day Claims,Love Ranch,Lucky Mac Camp,Lucky Mac Uranium Mill,Lucky McNoble Mine,Lux Number Four Mine,Lynx Reservoir,Madden,Mahoney Reservoir,Mars Number One Mine,Maverick Butte,McClellan Ranch,McKenzie Bogs,Medicine Springs Reservoir,Meigh Ranch,Middle Fork Sage Hen Creek,Miles Ranch,Moneta,Murphy Creek,Neal Reservoir,Needles Eye Butte,Neff Ranch,Nels Number Eight Mine,Nels Number Twenty Mine,Niball Number Eleven Mine,Niball Number Twelve Mine,O'Donnel Ranch,Old Wolton Ruins,One Hundred and Two Ranch,Osborne Place,Pat Number Two Mine,Pay Number Eight Mine,Pay Number Nine Mine,Pay Number Seven Mine,Pay Number Six Mine,Petty Ranch,Phillips Ranch,Pine Tree Reservoir,Pit A-Nine,Pit A-Ten,Pit A-Two,Pit B-Two,Pit C-Three,Pit Number Seven,Poison Creek Reservoir,Puddle Springs Ranch,Raderville,Ramsey Homestead,Rani-Rex Mine,Rattlesnake Mountains Mine,Red Creek,Red Creek Reservoir,Reid Reservoir,Reno Number One Mine,Reservoir Creek,Ridge Number One Mine,Rl Number One Mine,RMCC Number Eight Mine,Roberts Sheep Camp,Rochelle Ranch,Rochelle Reservoir,Russ Eight Claim,Russ Mine,Russ-Buss Mine,Sagebrush Number Fifteen Mine,Sarcophagus Butte,School Section Mine,Seven D Ranch,Seventy-one Reservoir,Sherlock Homestead,Six Mile Reservoir,Sixmile Creek,Sixmile Ranch,Skyline Mine,Snider Basin,Star Number One Mine,Star Number Seven Mine,Star Number Three Mine,State of Wyoming,Stone Cabin Creek,Strawhaker Corral,Sullivan Ranch,Tee Claims,Tee Mine,Tee Number Four Mine,Tee Number Three Mine,Tee Number Two Mine,Teton Mine,The Dry Lakes,Thompson Ranch,Todd Ranch,Two Pits,U Mine,U T Creek,Veca Mine,Vide Homestead,Walt Number Three Mine,Webb Ranch,Wentz Mine,West Canyon Creek,Wight Ranch,Wild Horse Butte,Willow Springs Reservoir,Windy Kay Number Nine Mine,Wolton Reservoir,Woodard Basin