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  • Wyoming Antelope GMU 93 Map Image
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Wyoming Antelope GMU 93 Map

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Hunting unit map of Wyoming Game Management Unit ANT-93 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: Aimo Reservoir,Albert Creek,Alkali Creek,Aspen Creek,Austin Ranch,Badger Draw Reservoir,Bailey Cone,Bald Knoll,Bartlett Creek,Beachler Creek,Beacon Light Hill,Bear Trap Creek,Beaver Dam Creek,Big Bend,Big Island,Big Mesa,Big Piney,Big Piney Division,Birch Creek,Bird Nipple,Blazon Junction,Blue Forest,Blue Ridge Reservoir,Blue Rim Drift Fence,Bryan,Burdick Creek,Cacklin Lou Reservoir,Calpet,Camp Creek,Campfire Creek,Carl Creek,Carter Cedars,Castle Rock,Cavanaugh Peak,Cedar Creek,Chapel Canyon Pit,Chimney Butte,Chimney Butte Reservoir,Chris Wash,Church Buttes Reservoir,Church Buttes Siding,City of Kemmerer,Coal Branch,Coal Creek,Company Ranch,Conroy Lake,Cow Hollow Creek,Craven Creek,Craven Creek Reservoir,Cretaceous Mountain,D B Budd Butte,Deer Hill,Delaney Creek,Desertion Point,Devils Hole Lakes,Diamondville,Dry Muddy Creek,Dry Piney Camp,Dry Piney Creek,Dunkle Ranch,Dutch George Creek,East Fork Twin Creek,Eckes Homestead,Eighteenmile Knoll,Elias P Reservoir,Elkol,Emigrant Creek,Everly Creek,Facenelli Ranch,Fenn Creek,Ferry Island,Fill Wash,Fish Creek Mountain,Fisher Creek,Five Slash Fifty-Three Knoll,Flat Top Reservoir,Fmc Reservoir,Fontenelle,Fontenelle Lakes,Fontenelle Recreation Area,Fontenelle Reservoir,Fontennelle Mountain,Forked Creek,Fort Hill,Freezeout Island,Frontier,Glencoe Junction,Gobblers Knob,Graham Reservoir,Granger,Granger Junction,Granger Stage Station Historical Marker,Granite Reservoir,Granite Road Reservoir,Granny Peak,Green River North Division,Hampton,Hawley Ranch,Herschler Ranch,Hofeldt Ranch,Holden Hill,Horn Reservoir,Iron Mountain,Jackrabbit Reservoir,Jackson Creek,Jamison Ranch,Johnson Ranch,Jonah Reservoir,Jory Hill,Kemmerer,Kemmerer East Division,Kemmerer Field Club Golf Course,La Barge,Lake Creek,Lake Mountain,Little America,Little Colorado Desert,Little Fall Creek,Little Mesa,Little Monument,Little Muddy Creek,Little Round Mountain,Lombard Buttes,Lone Tree Stage Station,Long Island,Lost Horse Creek,Lost Reservoir,Mack Reservoir,Marbleton,Meadow Canyon Creek,Meadow Creek,Middle Fork Slate Creek,Middle Piney Lake,Middle Prong Reservoir,Miller Mountain,Molinar Reservoir,Monument Butte,Monument Hill,Moss Agate Knoll,Mount Darby,Mount Thompson,Mountain Home Ranch,Moxa,Moyer,Mud Lakes,Muddy Creek,North Fork Alkali Creek,North Fork Dry Piney Creek,North Fork Roney Creek,North Fork Slate Creek,North Mountain,North Muddy Creek,North Willow Creek,Nutria,Olsen Ranch,Opal,Pal Ranch,Peru,Philip Reservoir,Pierotto Ranch,Pine Grove Reservoir,Pine Tree Creek,Piney Cutoff Reservoir,Quarter Corner Pond,Quealy Peak,Rainbow Camp,Rands Butte,Reardon Pit,Red Hill,Roaring Creek,Roberson Creek,Rocky Crossing,Roney Creek,Ross Butte,Round Mountain,Sand Hill,Scaler Guard Station,Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge,Shaul Ranch,Sheep Creek,Sheep Dip Creek,Shelter Cabin Reservoir,Shute Creek,Shute Creek Lake,Sixty-Seven Butte,Sixty-Seven Reservoir,Skull Point Reservoir,Slate Creek,Slate Creek Butte,Snyder Basin Guard Station,Snyders Camp,Solid Waste Disposal Cell E Reservoir,Solid Waste Disposal Cell F Reservoir,Solid Waste Disposal Cell H Reservoir,South Fork Birch Creek,South Fork Mountain,South Fork Shute Creek,Sphaeralcea Reservoir,Square Top Reservoir,Stevens Draw Reservoir,Storm Shelter Cabin Number 2,Stud Horse Butte,Sugar Loaf,Surveyors Draw Reservoir,Tarters Island,Teakettle Butte,Telephone Island,Texasgulf Tailings Reservoir,The Frog,The Rocks,The Spur,Three Bridges,Tibbals Reservoir,Town of Big Piney,Town of Diamondville,Town of Granger,Town of La Barge,Town of Marbleton,Town of Opal,Twelvemile Knoll,Twin Creek Lakes,Verne,Viola,Vital Reservoir,Wardell Reservoir,Water Tank Number 8,Waterfall,Webster Hill,Western Camp,Westvaco,Westvaco Section,Whiskey Buttes,Wild Horse Reservoir,Willow Addition,Ziller Ranch