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Wyoming Antelope GMU 96 Map

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Hunting unit map of Wyoming Game Management Unit ANT-96 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 82929,82932,82934,82935,82943,Acme Pit,Alchem Trona Mine,Alkali Creek,Allied Number 4 Tailings Pond Dam,Allied Trona Mine,Austin Ranch,Badgers Teeth Mine,Badlands Hills,Beacon Light Hill,Big Bend,Big Island,Big Island Mine,Big Sandy Dam,Big Sandy Dike Dam,Big Sandy Reservoir,Big Sandy River,Bitter Creek,Blairtown,Blue Forest,Blue Point,Blue Rim,Boars Tusk,Bonomo Ranch,Bryan,Buffalo Hump,Bunning Park,Castle Rock,Chambers Ditch,Chris Wash,Chrisman Ranch,City of Green River,City of Rock Springs,Clay Buttes,Clearview Acres,Cordwood Bottom,Davis Bottom,Diamond Alkali Company Number One Mine,Diamond Alkali Company Number Three Mine,Diamond Alkali Company-Butler Well Number One Mine,Dodge Rim,Dry Muddy Creek,Dry Sandy Creek,Dunkle Ranch,Eagle Rock,Eckes Homestead,Eden,Eden Canal,Eden Irrigation and Land Company Number 1 Dam,Eden Lateral,Eden Reservoir,Eighteenmile Knoll,Emigrant Trail,Fabian and Tyler Ditch,Farson,Farson Lateral,Fifteenmile Knoll,Fifteenmile Knoll Reservoir,Fill Wash,Flaming Gorge Shopping Center,FMC Westvaco Mine Numbers One and Two,FMC Westvaco Number Six Mine,Fontenelle,Fontenelle Dam,Fourmile Knoll,Fourteenmile Creek,Fourteenmile Ranch,Freezeout Island,Gaensslen Ranch,Giants Thumb,Granger,Granger Junction,Granger Number Two Mine,Granger Stage Station Historical Marker,Green River,Green River Area Mine,Green River Basin-Laramie Research Mine,Green River North Division,Green River Pit,Hamp Ditch Number 1,Hamp Ditch Number 2,Hams Fork,Hawley Ranch,Hay Ditch,Hay Lateral,Haystack Butte,Hofeldt Ranch,Horseshoe Bend,Hutton Heights Shopping Center,Intermountain Chemical Company Mine,Island Park,Jack Morrow Creek,James Town,John Hay Junior Number One Mine,Johnson Ranch,Juel Creek,Juel Reservoir,Kanda,Kent Mine Number One,Killpecker Creek,Little America,Little Bitter Creek,Little Colorado Desert,Little Monument,Little Sandy Canal,Little Sandy Creek,Little Sandy Feeder Canal,Lombard Buttes,Lone Tree Stage Station,Marston Shaft Number One Mine,McCullen Bluff,Means Canal,Monument Butte,Monument Hill,Moore and Bagley Ditch,Mormon Knolls,Moss Agate Knoll,Moxa,Moxa Ditch,Nitch Creek,North Pacific Creek,North Rock Springs,Number 1 Tailings Pond Dam,Number 2 Dam,Number 3 Dam,Number 4 Dam,Number 5a Dam,Old Stage Station,Otterson Ditch,Pacific Creek,Pal Ranch,Pedro Claims,Peru,Philbrick and Johnson Ditch,Pierotto Ranch,Pilot Butte,Pilot Butte Mine,Plaza Mall Shopping Center,Potash Company of America Number One Mine,Potash Company of America Number Two Mine,Purple Sage,Quealy,Rainbow Mine,Reliance,Reliance Number Five Mine,Reliance Pit Number Eleven,Reliance Pit Number Twelve,Reliance Pit Number Two,Riovista,Riview,Rock Springs,Rock Springs Coal Company Number One Mine,Rood Ditch,Round Top,Routh Pit Number Two and Three,Sand Knolls,Scott Bottom,Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge,Sewage Lagoon Dam,Shaul Ranch,Shute Creek,Slate Creek,Solid Waste Disposal Cell E Dam,Solid Waste Disposal Cell E Reservoir,Solid Waste Disposal Cell F Dam,Solid Waste Disposal Cell F Reservoir,Solid Waste Disposal Cell H Dam,Solid Waste Disposal Cell H Reservoir,South Fork Shute Creek,Spider Creek,Stansbury Junction,Stansbury Number One Mine,State Highway Department Mine,Stauffer Chemical Company Big Island Number Twelve Mine,Stauffer Trona Mine,Stevens Draw Dam,Stevens Draw Reservoir,Sugar Bowl Rock,Superior Ditch,Sweetwater Creek,Tallman Ditch,Teakettle Rock,Telephone Island,Texasgulf Emergency Pond Number 2 Dam,Texasgulf Soda Ash Project Mine,Texasgulf Tailings Dam,Texasgulf Tailings Reservoir,Texasgulf-Trona Mine,The Bluffs,The Palisades,The Towers,The Wells,Tollgate Rock,Town of Granger,Tule Butte,Twelvemile Knoll,Twelvemile Sink,Union Pacific Number Four Mine,Union Pacific Number One Mine,Union Pacific Number Three Mine,Union Pacific Number Two Mine,Washington Place,West Side Lateral,Westvaco,Westvaco Mine,Westvaco Number Eight Mine,Westvaco Number Eleven Mine,Westvaco Number Five Mine,Westvaco Number Four Mine,Westvaco Number One Mine,Westvaco Number Seven Mine,Westvaco Number Six Mine,Westvaco Number Ten Mine,Westvaco Number Thirteen Mine,Westvaco Number Three Mine,Westvaco Number Twelve Mine,Westvaco Number Two Mine,Westvaco Section,Westvaco Shaft Number 3,Whalen Bottom,Whalen Butte,Whiskey Basin,Whiskey Buttes,White Mountain,White Mountain Mall,Wildcat Butte,Wilkins Peak,Winton Junction,Wyoming Coal and Coke Company Mine,Ziegler Ditch,Zieglers Wash