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  • Wyoming Antelope GMU 98 Map Image
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Wyoming Antelope GMU 98 Map

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Hunting unit map of Wyoming Game Management Unit ANT-98 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: Allred Flat Recreation Site,Alton,Antelope Creek,Aspen Creek,Bald Knoll,Bartlett Creek,Beachler Creek,Bear Lake Plateau,Bear Trap Creek,Beaver Dam Creek,Beckwith,Bennetts Grove,Big Hill,Big Spring Recreation Site,Birch Creek,Black Mountain,Border,Border Junction,Bridger Fork,Buckskin Knoll,Bull Mountain,Bullpen Creek,Burdick Creek,Camp Creek,Campfire Creek,Carl Creek,Carlson,Chalk Creek,Chausse,Chicken Creek,Clear Creek,Clear Creek Guard Station,Clover Knoll,Coal Branch,Coal Creek,Coke Mountain,Cokeville,Cokeville Meadows National Wildlife Refuge,Collett Creek,Conroy Lake,Corral Creek,Cottonwood Lake,Cottonwood Lake Campground,Craven Creek Reservoir,Crystal Lake,Crystal Lake Recreation Site,Dempsey Creek,Devils Hole Creek,Devils Hole Lakes,Dip Creek,Dixon Slough,Driveway Creek,Dry Piney Camp,Dutch George Creek,East Fork Twin Creek,Electric Peak,Elias P Reservoir,Elk Creek Forest Service Station,Emigrant Creek,Erwine Creek,Everly Creek,Farm Service Agency Interest of Idaho,Fawn Creek,Fenn Creek,First Creek,Fish Creek,Fish Creek Mountain,Fisher Creek,Fontenelle Lakes,Fontennelle Mountain,Forked Creek,Fort Hill,Fossil,Fossil Butte,Fossil Butte National Monument,Fourth Creek,Fourth Creek Reservoir,Frontier,G H Hall Ranch,Garrett Creek,Geneva,Giraffe Creek,Giveout,Graham Peak,Granny Peak,Green Knoll,Halfway House,Hams Fork Campground,Hams Fork Plateau,Harer,Harer Point,Hellhole,Herschler Ranch,Hobble Creek Recreation Site,Holland Reservoir,Home Canyon Campground,Horse Creek,Huff Lake,Indian Creek,Jamison Ranch,Kelley Guard Station,Kemmerer,Kemmerer Field Club Golf Course,Kemmerer Reservoir,Kemmerer West Division,KOA Campground,LaBarge Guard Station,Lake Alice,Lake Creek,Lake Mountain,Lake Viva Naughton,Larson Reservoir,Leeds Creek,Leefe,Lincoln County,Little Beaver Creek,Little Fall Creek,Little Indian Creek,Lost Creek,Lost Horse Creek,Marse,Meadow Creek,Middle Fork Slate Creek,Middle Piney Lake,Middle Piney Lake Campground,Middle Piney Reservoir,Middle Piney Summer Home Area,Mill Creek,Miller Mountain,Mistum Creek,Montpelier Canyon Campground,Montpelier Division,Montpelier Reservoir,Moore Creek,Mount Coffin,Mount Darby,Mount Isabel,Mount Thompson,Mount Wagner,Mountain Home Ranch,Moyer,Mud Creek,Mud Lakes,Muddy Creek,Mumford Ranch,Nate Ranch,North Fork Alkali Creek,North Fork Leeds Creek,North Fork Roney Creek,North Fork Slate Creek,North Fork Twin Creek,North Lake,North Mountain,North Willow Creek,Pegram,Philip Reservoir,Pine Grove Reservoir,Pine Knoll,Pine Tree Creek,Pink Hill,Pixley,Poison Creek,Poison Creek Reservoir,Potato Creek,Quealy Peak,Quealy Reservoir,Rabbit Creek,Raymond,Red Knoll,Red Mountain,Rich Reservoir,Roaring Creek,Robinson Creek,Rock Creek,Rocky Point,Roney Creek,Rough Creek,Round Mountain,Ryan Creek,Sacajawea Campground,Sage,Salt River Pass Recreation Site,Scaler Guard Station,Second Creek,Shale Point,Sheep Creek Reservoir,Sheep Dip Creek,Sixmile Ranch,Sixmile Reservoir,Slide Lake,Smallpox Creek,Smiths Fork Guard Station,Smoot,Snyder Basin Guard Station,Snyders Camp,South Eden Reservoir,South Fork Hams Fork,South Fork Leeds Creek,South Fork Mill Creek,South Fork Mountain,South Fork Raymond Creek,South Fork Smiths Fork,South Fork Stoner Creek,South Fork Sublette Creek,South Fork Twin Creek,South Lake,South Willow Creek,Sphaeralcea Reservoir,Spring Branch,Spring Creek,Spring Lake,Star Hill,Stepp Creek,Stewart Ranch,Sublette Creek,Sublette Mountain,Sugarloaf,Table Mountain,Taylor Creek,Taylor Meadow,The Big Knob,The Pinnacle,The Rock Slide,Thomas Reservoir,Town of Cokeville,Trapper Cabin,Travis Lake,Twin Creek Lakes,Upper North Eden Reservoir,Utah Power and Light Company Hams Fork Reservoir,Viola,Wagner Lake,Whitman Hollow Campground,Willow Addition,Wyoming Peak