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  • Wyoming Bighorn Sheep GMU 1 Map Image
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Wyoming Bighorn Sheep GMU 1 Map

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Hunting unit map of Wyoming Game Management Unit BHS-1 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: Abandoned Lake,Albino Lake,Antelope Mountain,Arrow Creek,B Four Ranch,Bakers Ranch,Bald Peak,Barrs Creek,Beartooth Butte,Beartooth Creek,Beartooth Lake,Beartooth Lake Campground,Beartooth Plateau,Beauty Lake,Becker Lake,Big Moose Lake,Bird Mountain,Black Mountain,Black Stone Lake,Blackbird Creek,Blacktail Creek,Braten Ranch,Buena Vista Campground,Bugle Lake,Burnt Bacon Lake,Cache Mountain,Camp Creek,Camp Sawtooth,Canoe Lake,Canyon Creek,Castor Peak,Chain Lakes,Christmas Lake,Clark Ranch,Clarks Fork Trailhead,Clarks Fork Wild and Scenic River,Clay Butte,Cliff Lake,Closed Creek,Company Creek,Cooke City,Copeland Lake,Copper Creek,Copper Lakes,Corbitt Ranch,Corral Creek,Cow Creek,Crandall Creek,Crandall Ranger Station,Crane Lake,Crazy Creek,Crazy Creek Campground,Crazy Lakes,Crossbow Ranch,Cyclone Bar Creek,Daphnia Lake,Davidson Ranch,Dead Indian Campground,Dead Indian Creek,Dead Indian Hill,Dead Indian Ranch,Deadman Creek,Deep Creek,Deep Lake,Dike Creek,Dike Mountain,Dillworth Creek,Dodd Ranch,Dollar Lake,Double Spearhead Bar Ranch,Dry Fork,Duck Lake,Dunn Creek,Dutch Charlie Creek,Echo Lake,Elk Creek,Elk Lakes,Elkhorn Peak,Ellsbury Ranch,Emerald Lake,Fall Creek,Falls Creek,Fantan Lake,Few Acres Ranch,Fort Lake,Fox Creek,Fox Creek Campground,Frank N Hammitt Monument,Frozen Lake,Galena Creek,Gardner Lake,Gas Creek,Geers Point,Ghost Creek,Gilbert Creek,Glacier Lake,Granite Lake,Grant Peak,Gravelbar Creek,Grayling Lake,Gruenig Ranch,Guitar Lake,Hardee Cabins,Hauser Lake,Heart Lake,Hidden Lake,Highline Trail Lakes,Hoff Ranch,Hogan Reservoir,Hoodoo Creek,Hoodoo Peak,Hunter Peak,Hunter Peak Campground,Hunter Peak Ranch,Hurricane Mesa,Index Creek,Index Peak,Indian Peak,Island Lake,Island Lake Campground,Ivy Lake,Jaggar Creek,Jim Smith Peak,Johnson Ranch,K Bar Z Ranch,L Bar Ranch,Laduala Creek,Lake Creek,Lake Creek Campground,Lake Reno,Lake WGN,Lamar Mountain,Land Mountain,Lazy Open A,Leaning Tree Creek,Lee City,Lily Lake,Line Lake,Little Bear Creek,Little Bear Lake,Little Glacier Lake,Little Moose Lake,Little Sunlight Campground,Lonesome Lake,Lonesome Mountain,Long Lake,Long Lake Campground,Losekamp Lake,Lost Lake,Luce Reservoir,Macy Ranch,Margaret Lake,Martins Ranch,McClear Ranch,Meadow Lake,Middle Creek,Mirror Lake,Morning Creek,Morrison Ranch,Native Lake,Newmeyer Creek,Night Lake,North Crandall Trailhead,North Line Creek,Notch Mountain,Onemile Creek,Orr Ranch,Paint Creek Reservoir,Painter Cabin,Paradise Lake,Parker Peak,Pat O'Hara Mountain,Pat O'Hara Peak,Pearson Cabin,Pilot Peak,Pollux Peak,Quarter Circle Ranch,Quintuple Peaks,R D S Ranch,Rainbow Lake,Reed Lake,Reef Creek Campground,Republic Mountain,Republic Peak,Ricci Trailer Terraces,Riddle Ranch,Rock Island Butte,Rock Island Lake,Russell Peak,Saddle Mountain,Salinger Ranch,Sawtooth Lake,Sawtooth Mountain,Sheepherder Lake,Sill Lake,Silver Gate,Skull Creek,Snow Lake,Snowshoe Creek,Snyder Lake,Solar Lake,Sparhawk Lake,Spink Ranch,Spring Branch,Spring Creek,Squaw Peak,State Highway Maintenance Camp,Stinkingwater Peak,Stockade Lake,Sugarloaf Mountain,Sulphur Camp,Sulphur Lake,Sunlight Picnic Ground,Sunlight Ranch,Sunlight Ranger Station,Swamp Lake,T Lake,Table Mountain,Thief Creek,Thiel Lake,Throop Lake,Tibbs Butte,Tolman Mountain,Tolman Ranch,Top Lake,Tough Creek,Twin Lakes,Two Dot Ranch,Upper Lamar River Patrol Station,Upper Miller Creek Patrol Station,Vernon Lake,Wall Lake,White Mountain,Widewater Lake,Windy Mountain