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  • Wyoming Bighorn Sheep GMU 8 Map Image
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Wyoming Bighorn Sheep GMU 8 Map

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Hunting unit map of Wyoming Game Management Unit BHS-8 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 82925,Angus Reservoir,Apex Ditch,Ashley Wolf Ditch,Badger Creek,Bar Cross Ranch,Battleship Mountain,Beaver Bay,Beaver Creek,Bench Lake,Bickel Ditch,Big Flattop Mountain,Big Sheep Mountain,Big Twin Creek,Binning Ditch,Binning Ranch,Black Butte,Bluff Creek Trail,Bluff Park Creek,Borum Lake,Boulder Basin Trail,Boulder Creek,Box Bay,Bridger Creek,Bridger Lakes,Bronx,Brook Lake,Buds Pit Mine,Canyon Ditch,Chain Lakes,Chambers Bay,Circle S Ranch,Clark Creek,Clark Lake,Clear Creek,Clear Creek Trail,Clear Lake,Cliff Lake,Cora,Cora Butte,Crescent Lake,Crows Nest Lookout,Cumberland Creek,Cutthroat Lakes,Dago Creek,Daylite Pit Mine,Deadman Creek,Dean Lake,Dickinson Number 1 Ditch,Dodge Butte,Dodge Creek,Dodge Ditch,Dollar Lake,Dome Peak,Doubletop Mountain,Doubletop Mountain Trail,Eagle Creek,Elbow Creek,Elbow Lake Number 2,Elkhart Loop Ski Trail,Extension Dickinson Ditch,Faler Creek,Faler Lake,Five Eighty-two Pit Number Two Mine,Five Thirty-two Pit Number One Mine,Flat Top Mountain,Flying A Ranch,Fortification Mountain,Forty Rod Reservoir,Franz Reservoir,Fremont Creek,Fremont Lake,Fremont Lake Campground,G P Bar Ranch,Glimpse Lake,Glimpse Lake Trail,Glover Peak,Golden Lakes,Gottfried Lake,Graham Ditch,Granite Lake,Green River Lake Campground,Green River Lakes,Gypsum Creek,Gypsum Mountain,Half Moon Campground,Half Moon Lake,Heart Lake,Hidden Lakes,Higgins Point,Highline Ditch,Horsefly Ditch,Jenkins Ditch,Jim Creek,Jim Creek Lake,Jim Creek Trail,Johnson Pit Mine,Josephine Ditch,Kendall Guard Station,Kendall Mountain,Kenny Lake,Kitchen Reservoir,Klondike Creek,Klondike Hill,L L Pit Mine,Lake Creek,Lake Gadsby,Lakeside Trail,Lauzer Fish Pond Reservoir,Lily Pond Lake,Lime Creek,Little Flattop Mountain,Little Sheep Mountain,Little Soda Lake,Little Trapper Lake,Little Twin Creek,Lizzie Lozier Ditch,Lizzie Lozier North Ditch,Long Lake,Long Lake Trail,Lost Camp Lake,Lost Eagle Peak,Lower Boulder Basin,Lowline Trail,Lozier Creek,Lozier Lakes,Lozier Ranch,Marsh Creek,Marsh Creek Pit Mine,Marten Creek,Marten Lake,Middle Butte,Mill Creek,Miller Creek,Moore Ranch,Moosehead Bay,Mud Creek,Mud Lake,Native Lake,Neil Lake,New Fork Canyon Trail,New Fork Lake,New Fork Lakes,New Fork Lakes Campground,New Fork Scout Camp,New Fork Trail,New York Campground,No Name Lakes,Ole Cabin Creek,Osborn Mountain,Palmer Lake,Palmer Lake Trail,Park Loop Ski Trail,Pass Lake,Penny Lake,Pine Creek Canyon Trail,Pine Grove Ditch,Pine Mountain,Pinedale Division,Pixley Creek,Pocket Pit Mine,Ponderosa Lodge,Porcupine Creek,Porcupine Trail,Pot Creek,Pot Creek Trail,Prospector Lake,Que Pit Mine,Rahm Ditch,Rainbow Lake,Red Creek,Red Hill,Rexs Pit Mine,Reynolds Creek,Rim Lake,Rock Creek,Rock Creek Buttes,Round Lake,Saltlick Mountain,Sauerkraut Lakes,Sawmill Park Trail,Section Corner Lake,Section Corner Lake Trail,Shirley Lake,Sink Hole Pit Mine,Slide Creek,Slide Lake,Slide Lake Trail,Snake Lake,Snake Lake Trail,Soda Lake,South Fork Gypsum Creek,South Gypsum Trail,Spring Creek,Squaretop Mountain,Summit Lake,Summit Lake Trail,Sunset Reservoir,Surveyor Creek,Surveyor Park Trail,Sweeney Creek,Sylvan Bay,Sylvan Bay Summer Home Area,Tepee Creek,The Narrows,The Narrows Campground,Thomson Lakes,Tosi Creek,Tosi Creek Prospects Mine,Tourist Creek,Trail Creek,Trail Lake,Trails End Campground,Trapper Creek,Trapper Lake,Trapper Lake Stock Trail,Triangle Lake,Twin Lakes,Upper Boulder Basin,Upper Fremont Lake Campground,Upper Half Moon Campground,Valaite Lake,Wagonfeur Creek,Wardell Pit Mine,Warm Springs Trail,Wells Creek,Whiskey Creek,Whiskey Grove Campground,White Pine Lodge Ski Area,Willow Creek Guard Station,Willow Creek Lookout,Willow Lake,Willow Lake Campground,Willow Lake Trail,Z Bar U Ranch