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  • Wyoming Elk GMU 1 Map Image
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Wyoming Elk GMU 1 Map

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Hunting unit map of Wyoming Game Management Unit ELK-1 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 82712,Adams Canyon,Adams Gulch,Alkali Creek,Apex Mine,Bald Mountain,Barnett Draw,Bear Creek Mountains Mine,Bear Gulch,Bear Gulch I,Bear Gulch Placer Mine,Bear Gulch Trail,Bear Lake,Bear Lodge District Mine,Bearing Tree,Beartown Hill,Beaver Creek,Beaver Crossing,Beaver Ridge Trail,Beulah,Big Hill Ski Trail,Black Butte Deposit Mine,Black Buttes,Black Haw Gulch,Boardinghouse Creek,Bonanza Gulch,Boundary Gulch,Breakneck Gulch,Buck Hollow,Buckhorn,Buckley Canyon,Bull Hill,Bull Hill Mine,Bush Ranch,C Nicholas Ranch,Calvary Sacket Draw,Cedar Ridge,Cedar Ridge Mine,Cement Ridge,Centennial Gulch,Chicago Gulch,Chicken Creek,Citadel Rock,Clark Dam,Clark Reservoir,Clayton Pond,Cold Creek,Cold Springs Creek,Conners Rock,Corral Creek,Cox Lake,Cranberry Springs Gulch,Crooked S Draw,Crow Creek,Crow Peak,Cummins Gulch,Deer Creek,Dry Creek,Dry Draw,Dry Gulch,Dry Lake,Dugout Gulch,Duling Canyon,Duling Hill,East Fork Boundary Gulch,East Fork Dugout Gulch,East Fork Higgins Gulch,Eisbuts Draw,Elkhorn Divide,Eureka Number Mine,Farrall,Filmore Mine,Fish Canyon,Fish Mountain,G Reynolds Ranch,Giant Mine,Giant-Volney Mine,Government Valley,Government Valley Mine,Grand Canyon,Grandview Hill,Green Hill,Green Mountain,Green Mountain Draw,Griggs Gulch,H Reynolds Ranch,Hardy Guard Station,Harriet Peterson Number One Mine,Harriet Peterson Number Two Mine,Hegge Ranch,Homestake Lookout,Hooker Peak,Hospital Gulch,Idol Gulch,Intake Gulch,Inum Group Mine,Iron Creek Dam,Iron Creek Lake,Iron Creek Trail,Iron Mountain,J Miller Ranch,Jay Gulch,Jones Bury and Murdock Property Number One Mine,Jones Ranch,Keenan Properties Mine,Kirley Gulch,Koksh Ranch,Kunath Ranch,Ladyfinger Gulch,Laird Peak,Lake Creek,Lap Circle Ranch,Lightning Creek,Limestone Plateau,Lincoln Gulch,Lincoln Ranch,Little Spearfish Creek,Little Spearfish Guard Station,Long Draw,Lost Canyon,Lytle Hill,Macs Camp,Mallory Gulch,Manhattan Gulch,Mathews Ranch,McInerny Ranch,McNenny Fish Hatchery,McQuaig,Medicine Flat,Medicine Flat Creek,Medicine Lake,Melquist Gulch,Middle Beaver Creek,Middle Fork Boundary Gulch,Mill Creek,Miller Ditch,Miller Ranch,Mineral Hill,Montana Lake,Moonshine Gulch,Moskee,Mosquito Draw,Mount Tom,Mud Lake,Murray Lake,Negro Gulch,Negro Hill,North Beaver Creek,North Redwater Creek,Old Baldy Mountain,Pettigrew Gulch,Pettigrew Trail,Plato Gulch,Plato Ranch,Poison Creek,Pole Cabin Gulch,Potato Creek,Prospect Gulch,Raddick Gulch,Ranch A,Ranch A National Fish Genetics Laboratory,Ranger Draw,Rattlesnake Canyon,Red Canyon,Red Canyon Creek,Red Lake,Redwater Creek,Riflepit Canyon,Riflepit Divide,Rim Rock Trail,Ripley Ranch,Rocky Ford Creek,Rocky Ford Dam,Rocky Ford Reservoir,Rod and Gun Campground,Roena Gulch,Rough and Ready Mine,Roughlock Falls,Roughlock Falls Picnic Area,Rusty Number 9 Mine,S Nicholas Ranch,Saffron Gulch,Sager Ranch,Sand Creek,Sand Creek Crossing,Sand Creek Mine,Savoy,Sawmill Gulch,Schoolhouse Gulch,Seamore Gulch,Seeley Ranch,Seely Ranch,Sheep Flats,Shepherd Gulch,Shirttail Gulch,Silver Creek,Smith Draw,Soldier Creek,South Beaver Creek,South Fork Schoolhouse Gulch,South Redwater Creek,Spearfish and Centaur Mine,Spearfish Falls,Spottedtail Gulch,Spring Creek,Spring Draw,Stanton Draw,State Wildlife Management Area,Straight Lake,Strawberry Mountain,Sugarloaf Mountain,Sundance Creek,Sunshine Hill,Surprise Gulch,Tepee,The Needles,Thompson Ditch,Thompson Gulch,Thompson Ranch,Timon Campground,Tinton,Tinton Mine,Unorganized Territory of North Lawrence,Vore Draw,Wagon Canyon,Warner Springs Creek,Watson Pit Mine,Welcome,West Fork Boundary Gulch,West Fork Dugout Gulch,Williams Divide,Williams Gulch,Williams-Surprise Divide,Willow Springs,Wyoming Gulch