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  • Wyoming Elk GMU 118 Map Image
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Wyoming Elk GMU 118 Map

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Hunting unit map of Wyoming Game Management Unit ELK-118 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 44 Ranch,82301,82322,82336,Abel Creek,Antelope Reservoir,Arapahoe Creek,B Bar B Ranch,Bab Mine,Baby Antelope Reservoir,Bairoil,Bare Ring Butte,Big Bend,Big Bertha Mine,Big Hill,Big Rocks,Birch Creek,Black Eagle Mine,Black Lake,Boggy Meadows Lake,Bull Spring Lake,Bulls Creek,Bunker Hill,Butte Mine,Buzzard Sheep Camp,C and L Claims,Camp Creek Hill,Camp Creek Reservoir,Caterpillar Butte,Cedar Creek,Chain Lakes,Charlie Claim Group Mine,Cherokee,Cherokee Creek,Cherokee Dam,Cherokee Hill,Cherokee Mine,Cherokee Mine Number 1,Cherokee Peak,Cherokee Project Number One Mine,Cherokee Project Number Two Mine,Cherokee Ranch,Cherokee Reservoir,Chokecherry Knob,Circle Bar Lake,Circle Bar Sheep Camp,City of Rawlins,Coal Butte,Coal Creek,Cold Spring Reservoir,Continental Divide Mine,Cottonwood Creek,Cow Butte,Cox Mine,Cress Creek,Creston,Creston Junction,Crooked Well Reservoir,Currant Creek,Daley Ranch,Dennison Cap,Diehl Mine,Dillon Mine,Dorr Place,Dry Lake,Dry Well Reservoir,Eagles Nest,East Antelope Gas Field,Eightmile Lake,Eightmile Lake Basin,Emily Mine,Ferris,Ferris Mountain Ranch,Fillmore Creek,Fish Pond Reservoir,Five Mile Ditch Mine,Fivemile Ditch,Fivemile Hole,Frewen,Frewen Lake,Gamma Ray Mine,Garden Creek,General Petroleum Oil Field,George Tully Homestead,Government Reservoir,Great Divide Basin,Hadsell,Hadsell Cabin,Hadsell Corral,Hadsell Dam,Hadsell Place,Hadsell Reservoir,Hannah Mahoney Number 1 Dam,Hannah Mahoney Number 2 Dam,Hansen Lake,Hatfield Oil Field,Hays Mine,Highlands Estate Shopping Center,Hogback Lake,Horse Butte,Horseshoe Bend,Indian Creek,Indian Spring Creek,Iowa Soda Products Company Mine,Iris Mine,Iron Springs Creek,Iron Springs Reservoir,Jawbone Ranch,Jayhawk Mine,Johnson Knoll,Lamont,Larsen Knoll,Larsen Place,Larsen Ranch,Larsens Ranch,Latham,Little Camp Creek,Little Osborne Lake,Little Sand Dunes,Lost Creek,Lost Creek Basin,Lost Creek Butte,Lost Creek Butte Lake,Lost Creek Lake,Lost Soldier Creek,Lost Soldier Lake,Lost Soldier Mine,Lost Soldier Oil Field,Lost Soldier Reservoir,Lower Water Stewart Creek Reservoir,Mahoney Dam,Mahoney Dome Oil Field,Mahoney Lake,Mahoney Lakes,Mahoney Ranch Headquarters,Mahoney Reservoir,Marsh Ditch,Marsh Reservoir,Martinez Max Sand and Gravel Pit,Marvin Place,McCann Lake,McCargar Place,Meadow Ranch,Meadow Station 4,Missed A Lick Number One Mine,Monument Lake,Mud Lake,Mud Springs Lake,Ninemile Hill,Ohio Camp,Old Osborne Cabin,Olsen Basin,Olsen Ranch,Osborne Reservoir,Pettingrew Mine,Pine Bed Mine,Pinnacle Springs Reservoir,Rasmussen Sheep Camp,Rawlins,Rawlins Division,Rawlins Peak,Rawlins Peaking Dam,Rawlins Peaking Reservoir,Red Desert,Red Desert Project Mine,Red Hill Mine,Reed Creek,Rendle Hill,Rendle Point,Rendle Ranch Headquarters,Riddle Creek,Riner,Rinshaw Lake,Road Crossing Reservoir,Rocky Draw Reservoir,Rodeo Park,Ruby Knolls,Sand Springs Creek,Sandy Number One Mine,Selfour Ranch,Separation Creek,Separation Dam,Separation Lake,Separation Peak,Separation Point,Separation Point Lake,Separation Reservoir,Sheep Mountain,Sheep Mountain Reservoir,Sinclair,Sixteenmile Reservoir,Soda Lake,Sooner Reservoir,Sourdough Butte Mine,South Camp,Spanish Mine,Spanish Trails Group Mine,Spring Creek,State School Number One Mine,State School Number Two Mine,Stewart Creek,Stone Creek,Stone Ranch,Strandburg Ranch,Stratton Camp,Stratton Hollow,Stratton Knoll,Stratton Lakes,Stratton Ranch,Sweetwater Uranium Mine,Sweetwater Uranium Project Mine,Table Mountain,Threemile Ditch,Town of Bairoil,Town of Sinclair,Town of Wamsutter,Turkey Creek,Twelvemile Hole,Twin Buttes,Upper Water Stewart Creek Reservoir,Valley View Mine,Wamsutter,Wamsutter Division,Wamsutter Gas Field,Wasatch Claims - Group Two Mine,Wasatch Claims Group Number One Mine,Wertz Camp,Wertz Oil Field,White Water Reservoir,Willow Creek,Willow Hill,Windblown Mine,Windy Hill,Wycal Mine,Yore Number Twenty-three Mine