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  • Wyoming Elk GMU 2 Map Image
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Wyoming Elk GMU 2 Map

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Hunting unit map of Wyoming Game Management Unit ELK-2 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 82716,82831,Alan Reservoir,Amos Draw,Antelope Draw,Arvada,Arvada Coal Mine,Barber Creek,Barber Creek Oil Field,Barber Creek West Oil Field,Barber Mine,Barker Draw,Barlow Ranch,Bekebrede Draw,Bennor Draw,Bennor Reservoir,Big Coulee Draw,Black Bill Draw,Bombsite Reservoir,Boruff Draw,Bowman Draw,Box Draw,Box Elder Draw,Boyken Number 2 Dam,Bridge Draw,Bright Spring Draw,Broken Jaw Dam,Broken Jaw Reservoir,Buck Creek,Buffalo Wallow Dam,Bugher Draw,Bull Creek,Bull Draw,Burger Draw,Butte Draw,Campbell Draw,Carr Draw,Carson Dam,Carson Reservoir,Carter Draw,Cates Draw,Cedar Draw,Chicken Creek Divide,Chicken Creek Draw,Chokecherry Dam,Coal Draw,Coal Gulch,Coat Mine Reservoir,Cottonwood Creek,Cow Draw,Crazy Woman Creek,Crenshaw Hill,Croton,Dead Calf Draw,Dead Horse Creek,Dead Horse Creek Oil Field,Dead Horse Reservoir,Deadman Creek,Deadman Draw,Deer Creek,Deer Gulch,Denton Reservoir,Dogtown Reservoir,Doud Draw,Dry Creek,Dry Gulch,Dugout Draw,Durky Draw,East Fork Wild Horse Creek,Eaton S S Draw,Echeta,Echeta Mine,Echetah Dam,Echetah Reservoir,Endgate Dam,Endgate Reservoir,Erickson Draw,Eureka Strip Mine,Felix Draw,Fitch Draw,Fitzgerald Dam,Fitzgerald Reservoir,Flat Draw,Fletcher Reservoir,Flying E Creek,Force Draw,Force Reservoir,Fortification Creek,Fortification Dam,Fortification Reservoir,Gas Draw,Gates Dam,Gates Reservoir,Gene Draw,Gibbon Draw,Gibbon Number 1 Dam,Government Draw,Gupton Dam,Gupton Reservoir,Harper Draw,Hay Creek,Headgate Draw,Hensley Draw,Highline Draw,Homestead Draw,Horse Creek Butte,Horse Creek Reservoir,Howell Draw,Huff Dam,Indian Creek,Indian Draw,Jack Dam,Jack Reservoir,Jamison Prong Wildcat Creek,Jeffers Draw,Jewell Draw,John Draw,Johnson Draw,Johnson Reservoir,Juniper Draw,Karen Draw,Karen Reservoir,Kingsbury Creek,Kingsbury Oil Field,Kinney Divide,Kinney Draw,Kirby Reservoir,Kitty Oil and Gas Field,Lake Draw,Larey Draw,Lariat,Laskie Draw,Laskie Reservoir,Lee Mankin Dam,Lee Mankin Reservoir,Linn Draw,Little Bull Creek,Little Cedar Draw,Livingston Draw,Long Draw,Lula Dam,Lula Reservoir,Martin Mine,Marton Powder River Pit,Maycock Draw,McLaughlin Draw,Meadow Draw,Mickelberry Creek,Middle Prong Wild Horse Creek,Mitchell Draw,Mitchell Draw Dam,Mitchell Draw Reservoir,Mizer Draw,Montgomery Draw,Mooney Draw,Morgan Draw,Myrtle Dam,Myrtle Reservoir,North Draw,North Fork Okeson Draw,North Fork Wildcat Creek,North Prong Dead Horse Creek,North Prong Deadman Creek,North Prong Wild Horse Creek,North School Section Reservoir,North Windmill Draw,OK Creek,Okeson Dam,Okeson Draw,Okeson Reservoir,Oliver Draw,Oriva,P R Dam,P R Reservoir,Pearson Dam,Pearson Draw,Post Draw,Puff Dam,Puff Reservoir,Punkie Draw,Punkie Reservoir,Red Top Draw,Red Top Reservoir,Road Creek,Road Prong,Robinson Dam,Robinson Draw,Robinson Reservoir,Rose Creek,Rose Draw,Rossnecker Draw,Rough Creek,Rucker Draw,Ruff Draw,S S Draw,Sand Draw,Schoolhouse Draw,Scott Dam,Scott Reservoir,Scott Storage Dam,Scott Storage Reservoir,Scotty Draw,Scroggins Draw,Smith Reservoir,Snell Canyon,Soft Water Draw,Somerville Draw,Sorenson Draw,Soukup Draw,South Bar Creek,South Draw,South Prong Barber Creek,South Prong Deadman Creek,South Reservoir,South Squaw Creek,Spotted Horse,Spring Draw,Store Draw,Suranyi Dam,Suranyi Reservoir,Throne Oil Field,Thurderbird Mine,Tincom Butte,Twentymile Butte,Twentymile Creek,Upper Bushnell Reservoir,Upper Reservoir,Weller Dam,Weller Reservoir,West Fork South Prong Spotted Horse Creek,Whitman Mine,Wild Horse Creek,Wild Horse Mine,Wild Horse Strip Mine,Wildcat