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  • Wyoming Elk GMU 27 Map Image
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Wyoming Elk GMU 27 Map

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Hunting unit map of Wyoming Game Management Unit ELK-27 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: Abernathy Claim,Anderson Homestead,Anderson Ridge,Anderson-Hawke Mine,Atlantic Canyon,Atlantic City Iron Mine,Atlantic Creek,Atlantic Lake,Atlantic Peak,B H Mine,Baer Lakes,Barr Mine,Basco Creek,Bayer Mountain,Bayer Park,Big Hermit Gulch,Bills Park,Blair Creek,Blair Ditch,Block and Tackle Hill,Blucher Creek,Blue Ridge,Boot Lake,Boulder Lake,Bruce Campground,Bruce Picnic Area,Burnt Gulch,Burnt Meadow,Calvert Lakes,Carissa Mine,Chimney Rock,Christina Dam,Christina Lake,Christina Lake Trail,Christina Pass,Clear Creek,Cold Spring,Cold Spring Trail,Cony Mountain,Coon Lake,Crooked Creek,Dead Ox Creek,Deep Creek,Deep Creek Lakes,Deer Park,Deer Spring,Dickie Springs-Oregon Gulch Number One Mine,Duncan Mine,East Echo Lake,East Sweetwater River,Echo Lakes,Elderberry Creek,Elkhorn Dam,Elkhorn Draw,Elkhorn Reservoir,Empire State Mine,Enterprise Dam,Enterprise Ditch,Enterprise Reservoir,Enterprise Supply Ditch,Erramouspe Place,Eversole Ranch,Fairfield Creek,Fairfield Hill,Fiddlers Creek,Fiddlers Lake,Fiddlers Lake Campground,Fish Creek,Fog Gulch,Fossil Hill,Franklin Mine,Freak Mountains,Fremont County Youth Camp,Frye Lake,Gill Park,Gold Creek,Granite Peak,Grannier Meadow,Ground Hog Group Mine,Gustave Lake,Halls Meadow Spring,Harvey Spring,Hay Creek,Hay Ranch,Hidden Creek,Ice Lakes,Ice Lakes Trail,Indian Ridge,Indian Trail,Island Lake,Jack Creek,Jack Ranch,Johnson Meadow,Juel Ranch,Jug Lake,King Solomon Mine,Lander Creek,Larsen Creek,Leg Lake,Limestone Mountain,Little Hermit Gulch,Little Pine Creek,Little Popo Agie Basin,Little Rock Creek,Little Sandy Creek,Little Sandy Lake,Little Sandy Trail,Little Sweetwater River,Little Sweetwater Trail,Long Lake,Louis Beach Campground,Louis Creek,Louis Lake,Louis Lake Campground,Louis Lake Guard Station,Louis Lake Picnic Area,Louis Lake Resort,Louis Lake Trail,Lower Baer Lake,Lower Hudson Meadow,Lower Silas Lake,Maxon Basin,McCann Ranch,McMahone Park,Meyer Basin,Meyer Lookout,Middle Fork Guard Station,Middle Fork Trail,Mill Creek,Monument Draw,Monument Spring,Mount Chevo,Mount Nystrom,Mountain Sheep Lake,Neff Park,Old Halter and Flick Ranch,Ord Creek,Oregon Spring,Pabst Peak,Pacific Butte,Pacific Butte Area Mine,Pacific Dam,Pacific Number 1 Reservoir,Pacific Springs,Palmer Draw,Palmetto Gulch,Pard Number Four Mine,Pard One-Four Mine,Pass Creek,Petes Lake,Petes Lake Trail,Pine Creek,Pine Creek Trail,Pinto Park,Pinto Park Lake,Pinto Park Trail,Pioneer Carisso Gold Mine,Poison Lake,Pool Creek,Popo Agie Campground,Popo Agie Falls,Popo Agie Wilderness,Prospect Mountains,Prospect Mountains Mine,Rainbow Mine,Rennecker Peak,Rinker Ditch,Roaring Fork Creek,Roaring Fork Lake,Roaring Fork Mountain,Rock Creek Placers Mine,Sawmill Creek,Sharps Meadows Creek,Sheet Lake,Shelter House,Sherwood Point,Shields Mine,Shoshone Basin,Shoshone Stock Driveway,Silas Canyon,Silas Creek,Sinks Canyon Campground,Sioux Pass,Sioux Pass Trail,South Pass,South Pass City,South Pass City Cemetery,Spring Creek,Squirrel Lake,Stage and Pony Express Station Site,Station Creek,Stough Creek,Stough Creek Basin,Stough Creek Basin Trail,Stough Creek Lakes,Sulphur Creek,Summit of the Original South Pass,Sweetwater Gap,Sweetwater Gap Ranch,Sweetwater Guard Station,Sweetwater Needles,Sweetwater Trail,Table Mountain,Table Mountain Number One Mine,Table Mountain Number Two Mine,Tayo Creek,Tayo Lake,Tayo Park,The Sinks,Three Forks Park,Thumb Lake,Tie Creek,Tomahawk Lake,Townsend Creek,Townsend Park,Twin Lakes,University of Missouri Geology Camp,Upper Baer Lake,Upper Hudson Meadow,Upper Rock Creek Dam,Upper Rock Creek Reservoir,Upper Silas Lake,Walker Ditch,West Atlantic Peak,West Echo Lake,West Pacific Creek,West Willow Creek,White Acorn Ranch,Wild Horse Meadow,Wildcat Butte,Wind River Peak,Windy Lake,Wolf Trail,Worten Meadow Dam,Worthen Meadow Reservoir