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  • Wyoming Elk GMU 38 Map Image
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Wyoming Elk GMU 38 Map

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Hunting unit map of Wyoming Game Management Unit ELK-38 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: Alden Creek,Amsden Creek,Antwerp Reservoir,Arrowhead Lodge,Ashenbach Reservoir,Bald Mountain,Bald Mountain Campground,Bald Mountain City,Bald Mountain Creek,Barker Reservoir,Bear Claw Ranch,Bear Creek,Bear Creek Ranch,Bear Lodge,Bear Trap Creek,Big Goose Campground,Big Goose Ranger Station,Big Mountain,Big Tepee Creek,Big Willow Creek,Bighorn Ski Area,Black Butte,Black Mountain,Blue Creek,Bonanza Creek,Bruce Creek,Bruce Mountain,Bruce Mountain Lake,Buck Creek,Bucking Mule Creek,Bull Creek,Bull Elk Park Natural Area,Bulls Eye Point,Burgess Junction,Burgess Picnic Area,Burgess Ranger Station,Burgess Road Overlook,Burnt Mountain,Calvin Lake,Camp Bethal,Camp Creek,Cedar Creek,Cedar Mountain,Claussen Creek,Columbus Peak,Compartment Creek,Cone Mountain,Coney Creek,Cooper Reservoir,Copper Creek,Cow Creek,Crater Creek,Crystal Lake,Cub Creek,Cutler Creek,Dana Reservoir,Dayton,Dead Swede Campgound,Dry Creek,Dry Fork Horse Creek,Dry Fork Little Bighorn River,Dry Owen Creek,Dry Twin Creek,Duck Pond,Duncan Lake,Duncum Creek,Duncum Mountain,Dzendolet Reservoir,East Fork Big Goose Creek,East Fork East Pass Creek,East Fork Horse Creek,East Fork Little Tongue River,East Fork Sheep Creek,East Fork South Tongue River,East Fork Taffner Creek,East Wolf Creek,East Woodrock Campground,Elephant Foot,Elephant Head Rock,Fallen City,Falls Creek,Finger Creek,Fisher Mountain,Fishhook Creek,Five Springs Campground,Fivemile Reservoir,Flockhart Reservoir,Fool Creek,Freeze Out Cow Camp,Freeze Out Point,Game Creek,Gloom Creek,Graves Creek,Graves Lake,Grouse Creek,Hairpin Turn,Half Ounce Creek,Hanff Reservoir,Hay Creek,Hidden Basin Picnic Area,Hidden Tepee Creek,Hideout Creek,Horse Creek,Horse Creek Cow Camp,Horse Creek Mesa,Horseshoe Mountain,Horseshoe Ranch,Hudson Falls Creek,Hunt Mountain,Huntington Reservoir,I X L Ranch,Ice Creek,Johnson Creek,Kane Cow Camp,Kern Ranch,Lake Creek,Lake Dunchi,Lake Fontanalis,Lampman Reservoir,Leaky Mountain,Leavitt Ranch,Leavitt Reservoir,Lick Creek,Little Bald Mountain,Little Mountain,Little Tepee Creek,Little Tongue River,Little Willow Creek,Long Park Creek,Lookout Mountain,Lost Lake,Mann Creek,Marcum Creek,Medicine Mountain,Medicine Wheel,Medicine Wheel Ranger Station,Middle Fork East Pass Creek,Middle Fork Sheep Creek,Miller Creek,Mock Bass Reservoir,Mohawk Creek,Nickle Creek,North Beaver Creek,North Fork West Pass Creek,North Tongue River,North Tongue River Campground,Owen Brothers Reservoir,Owen Creek,Owen Creek Campground,P K Cow Camp,Padlock Cow Camp,Padlock Ranch,Parkman,Pasture Creek,Pine Island Picnic Area,Pole Creek,Porcupine Campground,Prairie Creek,Prospect Creek,Prune Creek,Prune Creek Campground,Pumpkin Creek,Quartz Creek,Quartz Creek Cow Camp,Railroad Springs Creek,Ranger Creek,Red Canyon Creek,Roane Creek,Rooster Hill,Sand Turn,Sawmill Creek,Sawmill Lakes,Sawmill Reservoir,She-Bear Mountain,Sheeley Creek,Sheep Creek,Sheep Mountain,Sheridan County Big Game Winter Range,Sheridan County Elk Winter Pasture,Sheridan West Division,Sibley Creek,Sibley Lake,Sibley Lake Recreation Area,Smith Creek,Snail Creek,South Beaver Creek,South Fork Fivemile Creek,South Fork Little Tongue River,South Fork West Pass Creek,South Tongue Campground,South Tongue River,Spring Creek,Steamboat Point,Steele Reservoir,Sucker Creek,Sunlight Mesa,Taffner Creek,Taylor Creek,Three Springs Creek,Tie Creek,Tie Flume Campground,Tillets Hole,Tongue Butte,Tongue Canyon Campground,Tongue River Campground,Town of Dayton,Trail Creek,Turkey Creek,Turner and Swan Reservoir,Twin Buttes,Twin Buttes Lodge,Twin Lakes,Twin Lakes Campground,Twin Lakes Picnic Area,Wagner Reservoir,Wagon Box Creek,Walker Creek,Walker Mountain,Wallrock Creek,West Fork East Pass Creek,West Fork Horse Creek,West Fork Sheep Creek,West Fork South Tongue River,West Fork Taffner Creek,West Woodrock Campground,Whaley Creek,Whitetail Creek,Willey Creek,Windy Canyon Creek,Wolf,Wolfe Cow Camp,Woodchuck Creek,Woodrock Guard Station,X X Ranch,Yonkee Cow Camp