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  • Wyoming Elk GMU 41 Map Image
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Wyoming Elk GMU 41 Map

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Hunting unit map of Wyoming Game Management Unit ELK-41 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 82426,82428,Adelaide Creek,Adelaide Dam,Adelaide Lake,Adelaide Reservoir,Adelaide Trail,Ainsworth Pumping Station,Alamo Creek,Alkali Creek,Anita Ditch,Anomaly Number Four Mine,Antelope Butte,Antelope Creek,Avent Ditch,Bald Ridge,Basin,Battle Creek,Bear Mountain,Beaver Creek,Beaver Hill Mines,Bench Trail,Big Bear Ditch,Big Hill Group Mine,Big Horn County,Big Horn Redi-Mix Incorporated Mine,Bighorn National Forest,Black Butte,Black Mountain,Blue Ridge,Blue Ridge Detention Dam,Blue Ridge Reservoir,Brindle Creek,Buck Creek V S,Buck Draw,Buckley Creek,Burgess Claim,Bush Butte,Bush Creek,Cabin Creek,Cabin Creek Campground,Captain Jack Creek,Carey Reservoir,Cedar Creek,Cement Mountain,Central Big Horn Division,Chimney Rock,Cold Springs Campground,Coney Lake,Cottonwood Creek,Crain Camp,Crooked Creek,Crooked Creek Hill,Cry Creek,Crystal Mine,Deer Draw Reservoir,Devils Kitchen,Devils Leap,Dobie Butte,Dobie Creek,Dome Peak,Dresser Bentonite Clay Mine,Dry Bush Creek,Dry Creek,Dry Fork Granite Creek,Dry Fork Horse Creek,Dry Fork White Creek,Dry Medicine Lodge Creek,Edelman Trail,Elephant Head Rock,Elk Creek,Elkhorn Ranch,Enlargement of the Walters Dam,Ewen Dam,Ewen Pence Gulch Dam,Ewen Pence Gulch Reservoir,Ewen Reservoir,Fender Creek,Flagstaff Mine,Flitner Reservoir,Flitners Corner,Fox Mountain,Garnett Dam,Garnett Lake,Garnett Reservoir,Go-Ahead Ditch,Granite Creek,Granite Creek Campground,Granite Greek Picnic Ground,Greer Ranch,Greybull,Greybull Area Number One Mine,Greybull Area Number Three Mine,Greybull Area Number Two Mine,Greybull Mine,Greybull River,Grouse Creek,Grubstake Syndicate Mine,Harmony Ditch,Hatten Ditch,High Line Ditch,Highland Ditch,Horse Creek,Horse Mountain,Hyatt Cow Camp,Hyatt Ranch,Hyattville,Iowa State University Geology Camp,Iron Mountain,Jack Creek,Johnny Creek,Jones Reservoir,Kershner Ditch,Kinky White Trail,L. E. Collinwood Bentonite Mine,Laddie Creek,Lake Arden,Lake Ridge,Lamb Oil Field,Little Dry Creek,Little Shell Lake,Long Park Creek,Long Point,Lower Medicine Lodge Lake,Lower Paint Rock Lake,Lower Paint Rock Lake Campground,Luman Creek,Mail Creek,Main Paint Rock Trail,Manderson,Manderson Oil Field,McDermotts Butte,McKinnon Creek,McNay Creek,Medicine Lodge Big Game Winter Range,Medicine Lodge Creek,Medicine Lodge Lake Campground,Medicine Wheel Ranger District,Middle Paint Rock Creek,Military Creek,Military Ditch,Mill Creek,Moraine Creek,Mud Lake,Mudstone Claims Mine,Myers Spring Draw,North High Park Trail,North Paint Rock Creek,North Trapper Creek,Nowood River,Orchard Bench,Paint Rock Lakes Guard Station,Paint Rock Lodge,Paintrock Area Mine,Perkins Dam,Perkins Reservoir,Porcupine Creek,Porter Canal,Post Creek,Post Creek Picnic Area,Potato Ridge,Potato Ridge Mine,Pritchards Grove Picnic Area,Ranger Creek,Ranger Creek Campground,Ranger Creek Ranch,Red Basin,Red Butte,Red Canyon Creek,Reeves Corner,Reeves Ranch Mine,Robertson Claim Number One Mine,Rogers and Gapin Mine,Round Lake,Ruble Creek,Salt Creek,Sand Creek,Sanguine Claim Mine,Sanguine Number Twelve Mine,Shafer Ditch,Sheep Creek,Sheep Mountain Anticline Number One Mine,Sheep Mountain Anticline Number Two Mine,Shell,Shell Canal,Shell Canal Mine,Shell Creek,Shell Creek Campground,Shell Creek Canyon Mine,Shell Creek Prospect Mine,Shell Creek Ranger Station,Shell Dam,Shell Falls,Shell Falls Observation Point,Shell Lake,Shell Reservoir,Shirran Pit,Snake Mine,Snowshoe Mountain,South Big Horn Division,South Fork Elk Creek,South Paint Rock Creek,South Paint Rock Reservoir,South Trapper Creek,Spanish Point,Spanish Point Agate Mine,Spring Creek,Springs Creek,Survey Creek,Table Mountain,Taylor Cow Camp,Taylor Ranch,The Island,Thomas Coulee Reservoir,Thompson Lateral,Tilard Canal,Torchlight Dome Oil Field,Town of Basin,Town of Greybull,Town of Manderson,Trapper Creek,Trapper Lodge Ranch,Trout Creek,Upper Medicine Lodge Lake,Upper Paint Rock Lake,Upper Paint Rock Lake Campground,Valley Ranch Mine,Walters Dam,Walters Reservoir,Walters Supply Ditch,Whaley Ditch,White Creek,Willett Creek,Willett Lake,Wyo-Ben Products Mine