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  • Wyoming Elk GMU 47 Map Image
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Wyoming Elk GMU 47 Map

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Hunting unit map of Wyoming Game Management Unit ELK-47 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 82649,Ackles Fork,Airline Number Two Mine,Alkali Creek,Andreen Pit,Antelope Creek,Antelope Creek Summer Camp,Arapahoe Butte,Baby Number One Mine,Badwater Creek,Battle Axe Reservoir,Berger Ranch,Birdseye Creek,Birdseye Mountain,Birdseye Ranch,Birdseye Station,Black Butte,Black Mountain,Black Mountain Reservoir,Bloomquist Ranch,Blue Feather Mine,Blue Hill,Bonanza Mine,Bonneville,Bonneville Mill Mine,Bonneville Reservoir,Bow and Arrow Ranch,Boysen,Boysen Camp,Boysen Creek,Boysen Peak,Boysen Reservoir,Bray-Kile Claim,Bridger Creek,Buffalo Basin,Buffalo Creek,Burlington Reservoir,C and B Number Two Mine,Canning Ranch,Chalk Butte,Cliff Number Four Mine,Cliff Number One Mine,Comet Tungsten Mine,Copper Glance Group Mine,Copper Mountain,Copper Mountain Number One Mine,Copper Mountain Number Two Mine,Cottonwood Creek,Cover Slough,Cowboy Mine,Coyote Hill,David McCarthy Ranch,Dawn Claim,Day Butte,Day Homestead,Days Reservoir,De Ranch,Dempsey Canal,DePass Mine,Devil Slide,Devils Punch Bowl,Dinty Moore Reservoir,Discovery Number One Mine,Ditch Creek,Dolis Hill,Dolus Creek,Dolus Hill,Dornick,Dry Creek,Dry Fork,East Bridger Creek,East Fork Ditch Creek,East Fork Dry Creek,East Fork Jones Creek,East Fork Mine,East Fork West Bridger Creek,East Kirby Creek,East Thermopolis,Fannie Number Four Mine,Fivemile Creek,Fuller Number Two Mine,Fuller Peak,Fuller Ranch,Fuller Summer Camp,Gardner Creek,Gardner Ranch,Gardner Reservoir,Gardner Winter Ranch,Gate,Gates Butte,Gem Number One Mine,Gibbs Butte,Gibbs Place,Goedicke Ranch,Gold Creek,Gold Nugget Mine,Golden Cabin,Government Mine,Grass Creek,Greer Peak,Grider Basin,Guffy Peak,Guffy Ranch,H G F Number Seven Mine,Hale Number One Mine,Hall Butte,Harvey Pit,Hayes Ranch,Hayes Winter Ranch,Hesitation Number One Mine,Hoodoo Creek,Hoodoo Creek Claims,Hot Springs State Park,Howard Ranch,Jack Welch Basin,Jenks Creek,Joe Johns Basin,Johnson Ranch,Johnson Trail,Jones Creek,Jones Ranch,Jones Reservoir,Justin McCarthy Ranch,Kermac Number One Mine,Kirby Creek,Kirby Creek Reservoir,Kirby Ditch,Kirby Reservoir,Klondike Peak,Lake Creek,Long Butte,Lookout Hill,Lucerne,Lucerne Mine,Lucky Penny Number One Mine,Lysite,Lysite Creek,Mack Ranch,Mag Number One Mine,Maimes Creek,Major Basin,Marinville Ranch,McClain Mine,McGraw Copper Mine,Meadow Creek,Meeks Ranch,Middle Fork Warm Springs Creek,Minnesela,Mint Number Two Mine,Monument Hill,Nichols Ranch,Nickelson Place,N-vam Mine,Ocla Reservoir,Olive Five Claim,Owl Creek,Packsaddle Creek,Park Pit,Parker Ranch,Pavillion Main Lateral,Percy Reservoir,Phillips Number Twenty-five Mine,Philp Ranch,Picard Ranch,Pine Creek,Pioneer Home,Poison Creek,Prong Horn Number Fourteen Mine,Quien Sabe Mine,Quien Sabe Ranch,Rainbow Terraces,Rate Sheep Camp,Rathbun Ranch,Reck Ranch,Red Canyon Creek,Red Hole,Red Lane,Reed Creek,Reed Ranch,Reservoir Creek,Robeson Mine,Robinson Reservoir,Robinson Shearing Pens,Romur Claims,Rough Number Seventeen Mine,Round Top,Sanford Ranch,Schoening Creek,Scotch Plunge,Shafer Pit,Sheep Camp Reservoir,Shooting Star Claim,Shortcut Number One Mine,Shoshoni,Shoshoni Division,Siddons,South Bridger Creek,South Fork Warm Springs Creek,South Side Ditch,Stagner Mountain,Stardust Tungsten Mine,Steffen Hill,Stone Mountain,Swallow Ranch,T Hill,Talovich Mine,Thermopolis,Thermopolis East Division,Tough Creek,Town of East Thermopolis,Town of Shoshoni,Town of Thermopolis,Twin Buttes,V W Reservoir,Victory Claim,Warm Springs Creek,Water Tank Hill,Wedding of the Waters,West Bridger Basin,West Bridger Creek,West Fork,West Fork Ditch Creek,West Fork Dry Creek,West Kirby Creek,Westfall Ranch,Whippet Number Eight Prospect,Whippet Number One Prospect Mine,Wild Horse Butte,Williams-Luman Mine,Willie O Mine,Wind River,Wind River Canyon Number One Mine,Wind River Canyon Number Two Mine,Woods Basin,Zimmerman Buttes