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Wyoming Elk GMU 64 Map

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Hunting unit map of Wyoming Game Management Unit ELK-64 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: Adam Weiss Peak,Additional Creek,Anchor Reservoir,Anderson Sawmill,Antelope Butte,Antelope Springs Creek,Arapahoe Ranch,Arapahoe Reservoir,Bald Mountain,Bargee Creek,Bargee Ranch,Bargee Reservoir,Barquin Reservoir,Basin Ranch,Bean Ranch,Bear Creek,Beaver Creek,Big Table Mountain,Black Mountain,Blanchette Creek,Blonde Reservoir,Blue Creek,Blue Mesa,Blue Reservoir,Boysen Peak,Bradford Ranch,Brooks Ranch,Brown Creek,Brown Mountain,Brown Mountain Campground,Buck Creek,Buckle Creek,Buckles Ranch,Buffalo Butte,Buffalo Creek,Buffalo Lake,Burgess Ranch,Cabin Creek,Cannonball Ranch,Canyon Creek,Carney Creek,Cascade Creek,Castle Rocks,Cherry Creek,Chief Mountain,Chimney Creek,Collins Place,Cottonwood Peak,Cottonwood Ranger Station,County Peak,Cover Slough,Crosby Mine,Crow Mountain,Curry Creek,Deadman Creek,Debatable Reservoir,Deer Creek,Dick Creek,Dick Creek Lakes,Dickie Ranch,Dollar Ranch,Dome Mountain,Double D Ranch,Dry Cottonwood Creek,Dry Fork,Dry Muddy Creek,Duncan Homestead,Dundee Creek,Dundee Mountain,Dvarishkis Hunting Camp,Eagle Nest Ranch,Eagle Point,East Fork Francs Fork,East Fork Sheep Creek,East Fork South Fork Wood River,East Fork Twentyone Creek,East Thermopolis,Elk Creek,Elk Lake,Embar,Engle Ranch,Enlargement of Nielson Reservoir,Enlargement Pearl Reservoir,Enos Creek,Estella Reservoir,Fall Creek,Galena Creek,Gebo,Gloin Reservoir,Goat Creek,Granger Ranch,Grass Creek,Grass Creek Reservoir,Green Cabin,Gumbo Hills,Gwinn Fork,Gwynns Ranch,Haines Ranch,Hall Creek,Hamilton Dome,Hardys Reservoir,Harris Ranch,Hillberry Reservoir,Holland Creek,Holland Place,Hot Springs County,Hot Springs State Park,Hulse Creek,Iron Creek,J K Creek,Jenkins Mountain,Jergens Lake,Jojo Creek,Jojo Lake,Jojo Mountain,Kanaugh Lake,Kemp Ranch,Kirwin,Klicker Creek,L U Cow Camp,Lake Creek,Lake Creek Reservoir,Larson Ranch,Left Hand Creek,Leisner Cabin,Leon Baird Peak,Little Dome,Little Grass Creek,Little John Ranch,Little Prospect Creek,Little Table Mountain,Madden Reservoir,Mail Camp Ranger Station,Maverick Spring Dome,Mayfields Ranch,McElwee Reservoir,McKee Grave Creek,Meadow Creek,Merriam Ranch,Mexican Place,Middle Branch Middle Fork Owl Creek,Middle Creek,Middle Fork Mud Creek,Middle Fork Owl Creek,Middle Fork Wood River,Middle Gooseberry Creek,Milk Creek,Mineral Mountain,Minnesela,Monument Hill,Mormon Creek,Mossy Pond,Mount Sniffel,Mud Creek,Muddy Monument Peak,Name Creek,Needle Creek,North Branch Middle Fork Owl Creek,North Fork Mud Creek,North Fork Owl Creek,Nostrum Mountain,Ota Creek,Otto Creek,Owl Creek,Pearl Reservoir,Pioneer Home,Porter Cabin Cow Camp,Potato Butte,Prospect Creek,Pumpkin Creek,Rainbow Terraces,Rankin Cow Camp,Rattlesnake Creek,Red Canyon Creek,Red Canyon Ranch,Red Creek,Red Lane,Red Peak,Renner's Ranch,Rhodes Ranch,Richmans Ranch,Riley Creek,Rock Spring Creek,Rolff Lake,Round Top,Round Top Mountain,Rush Reservoir,Scotch Plunge,Sheep Creek,Sheldon Dome,Shotgun Butte,Shotgun Creek,Shotgun Ranch,Slab Creek,Soapy Dale Peak,South Branch Middle Fork Owl Creek,South Fork Cottonwood Creek,South Fork Left Hand Creek,South Fork Mud Creek,Spar Mountain,Spring Mountain,Squaw Teat Butte,Stagner Mountain,Standard Peak,Sugar Loaf Creek,Sugar Loaf Mountain,Sunshine,T A Cow Camp,T Hill,The Dipper,Thermopolis,Thermopolis West Division,Town of East Thermopolis,Town of Thermopolis,Trail Creek,Twentyone Creek,Twin Buttes,Twin Lakes,Twin Peaks,Val Day Creek,Vincent Cabin,Wagonhound Creek,Wales Ranch,Wales Reservoir,Wall Rock,Warm Springs Creek,Wedding of the Waters,West Fork Sheep Creek,West Fork Twentyone Creek,Williams Ranch,Willow Creek,Wind River Reservation Division,Wood River Campground,Wood River Guard Station,Yetter Brothers Sawmill