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  • Wyoming Mule Deer GMU 133 Map Image
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Wyoming Mule Deer GMU 133 Map

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Hunting unit map of Wyoming Game Management Unit MD-133 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 82930,Alma Holt Draw,Almy Number Three Mine,Altamont,Altamont Tunnel,Anna Holt Draw,Antelope Creek,Aspen,Aspen Creek,Aspen Mountain,Aspen School,Aspen Tunnel,Austin Reservoir,Balsam Draw,Barker Reservoir,Barrel Springs,Basin Creek,Bazoo Hollow Creek,Bear Canal,Bear River Mall,Beartown,Beaver Dam Hollow,Beaver Lake,Beaver Lake Dam,Bernard Hollow,Berry Draw,Bessie Bottom,Big Draw,Big Hollow,Bigelow Bench,Bigelow Ditch,Bigelow Springs,Blake Dam,Blake Hollow,Blake Reservoir,Bog Draw,Brown Hollow,Bull Creek,Burnt Hill,Burton Hollow,Byrne Dam,Byrne Ditch Number 2,Byrne Family Cemetery,Byrne Number 2 Ditch,Byrne Reservoir,Byrnes Crossing,Byrnes Draw,Carter Mine,Cellar Creek,Chalk Creek Basin,Chapman Butte,Chicken Creek,Choppy Draw,City Cemetery,City Ditch,City of Evanston,Clark School,Clear Creek,Clifton Hollow,Cold Springs,Cold Springs Creek,Cook Draw,Cottonwood Creek,Cove Draw,Coyote Creek,Crane Creek,Crompton Dam,Crompton Reservoir,Crown Ditch,Davis Middle School,Dog Spring,Drown Creek,Dry Hollow,Duel Hollow,Duncomb Hollow,East Branch Little Creek,East Branch Silver Springs Creek,East Dam,East Muddy Creek,East Reservoir,Eight Spring,Emigrant Trail,Evanston,Evanston City Cemetery,Evanston Division,Evanston High School,Evanston Middle School,Evanston Police Department,Evanston Post Office,Evanston Pumping Station,Evanston Regional Hospital,Evanston-Uinta County Airport Burns Field,Fish Creek,Front Street Mall,Glasscock Hollow,Grassy Draw,Guild and Dean Dam,Guild and Dean Reservoir,Guild Cemetery,Guild Dam,Guild Hollow,Guild Reservoir,Hague Creek,Hamblin Park,Harding Hollow,Heber Dam,Hilliard,Hilliard East Fork Canal,Hilliard Flat,Hilliard Westside Canal,Horseshoe Bend,Howard Creek,Jager Oil Prospect,Jamison Claim,KEVA-AM (Evanston),Knight Hollow,Knight Ridge,LaChapelle Creek,Lake Louise,Lezear Opening Mine,Little Creek,Little Peidmont Dam,Little Piedmont Reservoir,Little West Fork Blacks Fork,Little Yellow Creek,Long Hollow,Martin Dam,Martin Reservoir,Massae Dam,Massae Reservoir,Meadow Draw,Meeks Cabin,Meeks Cabin Campground,Meeks Cabin Dam,Meeks Cabin Reservoir,Meyers Ridge,Mill Creek,Moslander Dam,Moslander Reservoir,Moslander Ridge,Moss Creek,Mumford Ridge,Musselman Draw,Musselman Springs,Mussleman Creek,Myers Dam,Myers Reservoir,North Evanston School,Old City Ditch,Outlet Cross Ditch,Oyster Shell Ridge,Pate Ditch,Piedmont,Piedmont Creek,Piedmont Dam,Piedmont Reservoir,Pine Knoll,Pioneer Counseling Resource Services Hospital,Pleasant Valley Creek,Pony Express and Overland Stage Route,R.L. Connelly Mine,Ragan,Randall Draw,Roadside Spring,Rock Cut,Rocky Hollow,Rocky Mountain Care Hospital of Evanston,Rocky Point,Sage Creek,Sage Creek Draw,Sandy Ridge,Section Six Draw,Section Three Draw,Seventeen Spring,Shearing Corral Creek,Sheep Draw,Short Draw,Silver Springs Creek,Spring Creek,Spring Valley,Spring Valley Cemetery,Spring Valley Mine,Stagecoach Hollow,Stoney Run,Stowe Creek,Sulphur Creek,Sulphur Creek Dam,Sulphur Creek Reservoir,Sulphur Hollow,Suttons Creek,The Boilers,The Needles,Thief Creek,Thirtythree Pond,Twenty Knoll,Twentyone Grove,Twomile Draw,Twomile Hollow,Uinta County,Uinta County Fire Protection Evanston Station 1,Uinta County Fire Protection Evanston Station 2,Uinta County Fire Protection Evanston Station 3,Uinta County Sheriff's Office,Uinta County Youth Camp,Uinta Meadows School,Utah and Wyoming Port of Entry Stations,Vacher Dam,Vacher Reservoir,Van Tassel Creek,Van Tassel Lake,Van Tassel Lake Dam,Wasatch Creek,Wash Supply Ditch,West Muddy Creek,West Musselman Draw,Williard Ward Church,Willow Creek,Wyoming State Hospital,Wyoming State Hospital Cemetery Lower,Wyoming State Hospital Cemetery Upper,Wyuta,Yellow Creek Shopping Mall,Young Hollow