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  • Wyoming Mule Deer GMU 157 Map Image
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Wyoming Mule Deer GMU 157 Map

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Hunting unit map of Wyoming Game Management Unit MD-157 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 82514,82516,Albright Draw,Aragon Cemetery,Aragon Ditch,Argo Butte,Ashgrove Elementary School,Ashgrove School,Badger Wasteway,Barquin Coal Mine,Berlin Draw,Big Ridge,Bighorn Butte,Bighorn Draw,Bighorn Flat,Bighorn Ridge,Blackburn Ditch,Blue Reservoir,Botts Creek,Brown Draw,Burnaugh Cemetery,Career Center School,Chavez Cemetery,Childs Spring Drain,City of Riverton,Collins Cemetery,Coolidge Turnout,Cottonwood Creek,Cottonwood Drain,Countryman Basin,Countryman School,Crooked Creek,Crusher Number 1-35 Mine,Delfelder,Delfelder Hall,Deshaw Ditch,Diversion Dam,Diversion Dam Park,Doughty Draw,Dry Creek,Edmo Buttes,Enos Basin,Ethete,Ethete Number One Mine,Ethete Number Two Mine,Farmers Siding,Fivemile 52 Drain,Fivemile Lateral,Fivemile Main Lateral,Fort Washakie,Fort Washakie Census Designated Place,Fort Washakie Hot Spring Mine,Fort Washakie Post Office,Fremont County,Fremont Jade Quarry,Friday Cemetery,Gibbons Draw,Grave of N B Kinnear,Harris Bridge,Hayes Ditch,Haymaker Creek,Hays Dam,Hays Reservoir,Homestead Living Hospital,Hurtado Cemetery,Hurtado Ditch,Ice Slough,Jackson Elementary School,Jefferson School,Johnstown,Johnstown Census Designated Place,Johnstown Ditch,Johnstown Draw,Johnstown Valley,Juniper Butte,Kinnear,Kinnear Mine,Kinnear Valley,Kirby Draw,KVOW-AM (Riverton),Laird,Lake Cameahwait,Lake Cameahwait Dam,Lateral P-27.0- A,Lateral P-27.0- B,Lateral P-27.0- C,Lateral P-27.0- D,Lateral P-28.2,Lateral P-31.7,Lateral P-31.7- B,Lateral P-32.8,Lateral P-34.0,Lateral P-34.9,Le clair Canal,Le Clair Cemetery,Le clair Diversion Dam,Le Clair Drain,Lincoln School,Little Norkok Creek,Little Wind River,Lookout Butte,Lost Wells Butte,Lost Wells Lateral,Madden Draw,Martin Ponds,Maverick Spring Draw,Mead Mine,Mexican Draw,Mexican Flat,Middle Cottonwood Dam,Middle Cottonwood Reservoir,Middle Fork Sage Creek,Middle Reservoir,Midvale,Midvale Irrigation Pit,Mill Creek,Mill Creek Drain,Missouri Valley,Morning Star Manor Hospital,Morton,Morton School,Mountain View Cemetery,Muddy Ridge,Muddy Ridge Canal,Mule Butte,Neble,Neble Hill,Norkok Butte,Norkok Creek,Norkok Meadows,Norkok Meadows Creek,North Fork Canyon Number Two Mine,North Fork Ditch Number 1,North Fork Ditch Number 2,North Fork Ditch Number 5,North Fork Diversion Canal,North Fork Little Wind River,North Fork Sage Creek,Ocean Drain,Ocean Lake,Odd Fellows Cemetery,Paradise Valley,Paradise Valley Community House,Pavillion,Pavillion Butte,Pavillion Drain,Pavillion Post Office,Pavillion Ridge,Pilot Butte,Pilot Butte Dam Number 1,Pilot Butte Oil Field,Pilot Butte Power Plant,Pilot Butte Reservoir,Pilot Canal,Pilot Drain,Prison Farm Draw,Red Springs Draw,Riverton,Riverton Acid Plant Mine,Riverton Airport Pit,Riverton Country Club,Riverton Draw,Riverton High School,Riverton Memorial Hospital,Riverton Memorial Hospital Heliport,Riverton Middle School,Riverton Number 2 Canal,Riverton Pit,Riverton Post Office,Riverton Regional Airport,Riverview Valley,Rush Slough,S G Drain,Sage - Red Man Cemetery,Sage Creek,Sage Creek Anticline Mine,Sage Creek Number One Mine,Sage Creek Number Three Mine,Sage Creek Number Two Mine,Saint Michael Mission Cemetery,Sand Butte,Sand Butte Lateral,Sand Draw,Sand Gulch,Sand Gulch Lateral,Sand Mesa,Sandstone Butte,Shakespare Cemetery,Shearing Pen Draw,Sheep Camp Drain,Shriner Draw,South Fork Little Wind River,South Fork Sage Creek,Spencer Draw,Stagner Creek,Stagner Ridge,Steamboat Butte,Steamboat Butte Oil Field,Steamboat Geyser,Sunnyside Drain,Tar Spring,Tardy Geyser,Teapot Butte,Teapot Wash,Town of Pavillion,Trout Creek,Upper Cottonwood Dam,Upper Cottonwood Reservoir,Upper Reservoir,Wallowing Bull Cemetery,Washakie Cemetery,Washakie Mineral Hot Springs,Water Rocks Draw,White Plume Cemetery,Wildhorse Flats,Willow Cemetery,Winchester Butte,Winchester Ditch,Winchester Draw,Wind River Diversion Dam,Wind River Division,Wind River High School,Wind River Indian Reservation Number One Mine,Wind River Middle School,Wind River Reservation,Wind River School,Winkleman Dome,Winkleman Dome Oil Field,Winkleman Dome School,Wyoming Canal,Wyoming Central Canal,Wyoming Indian High School,Wyoming Indian Middle School,Wyoming Penitentiary Farm,Yellow Calf Cemetery