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  • Wyoming Whitetail Deer GMU 42 Map Image
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Wyoming Whitetail Deer GMU 42 Map

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Hunting unit map of Wyoming Game Management Unit WTD-42 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 82442,Alkali Creek,Andrews Corral,Antelope Draw,Bader Draw,Bader Gulch,Baldwin Creek,Basset Cabin,Bear Gulch,Beartrap Meadows,Bedstead Reservoir,Best Place Reservoir,Big Cedar Ridge,Big Cottonwood Reservoir,Big Horn Mine,Big Trails,Big Trails Area Mine,Big Trails Reservoir,Billy Creek,Black Canyon,Black Mountain Draw,Black Mountain Reservoir,Blue Bank Draw,Blue Bank Shearing Pens,Blue Bottle Reservoir,Box Canyon,Bruner Draw,Brush Cabin Draw,Bud Kimball Creek,Bud Kimball Creek Mine,Bud Kimball Reservoir,Buffalo Creek,Buffalo Number 1 Detention Dam,Buffalo Reservoir,Buffalo Springs Creek,Bull Creek,Bunning Reservoir,C C Reservoir,Cabin Fork,Cameron Creek,Canyon Creek,Canyon Creek Canyon,Canyon Creek Ranch,Canyon Creek Sinks,Canyon Lodge,Canyon Ridge,Castle Reservoir,Chalk Butte,Charco Reservoir,Cheaver Creek,Chess Reservoir,Chimney Reservoir,Chimney Springs Draw,Circle Reservoir,Coal Draw,Cooks Canyon,Corner Reservoir,Cottonwood Creek Oil and Gas Field,Cottonwood Draw,Cottonwood Trail Reservoir,Crooked Creek,Daugherty Pit,Davis Number One Pit,Davis Pit Number Two Mine,Deadline Draw,Deadman Draw,Deer Creek,Denver Jake Dam,Denver Jake Reservoir,Devils Slide,Divine Reservoir,Dry Fork Otter Creek,Dry Gulch,Dugout Creek Deposit,Dugout Creek Mine,Dull Knife Dam,Dullknife Reservoir,Durand Number One Mine,Durand Number Two Mine,Eberhardt Vee,Extended Breer Number Two Mine,Eychaner Dam,Eychaner Reservoir,Ferris Creek,Fertig Draw,Fiscus and Vanoni Ditch,Fiscus Gulch,Flagstone Reservoir,Flat Bottom Reservoir,French Vee,Frison Mine,Green Bug Reservoir,Hampton Dam,Hatfield Cabin,Hawks Nest Fork,Hayes Cow Camp,Hayes Reservoir,Hess Cabin,Holland Reservoir,Holland Winter Camp,Homestead Reservoir,Horse Butte,Horton Draw,Hubble Draw,Indian Creek,Jacobs Creek,Joe Emge Creek,Joe Henry Fork,Kimball Draw Mine,Larramandy Draw,Larramandy Reservoir,Last Hope Reservoir,Little Canyon Creek,Little Cedar Reservoir,Little Cedar Ridge,Little Creek,Little Joe Dam,Little Joe Detention Dam,Little Joe Reservoir,Lyman Cow Camp,Macaroni Pit,Marys Creek,Mayworth Number Five Mine,Mayworth Number Nine Mine,Mayworth Number One Mine,Mayworth Number Six Mine,McClellan Gulch,Meleskie Camp,Meyers Gulch,Middle Butte,Middle Fork Little Canyon Creek,Middle Fork Otter Creek,Mileski Mine,Monument Hill,Mud Gulch,Need Water Reservoir,No Water Mine,North Butte,North Fork Bud Kimball Creek,North Fork Buffalo Creek,North Fork Little Canyon Creek,North Fork Otter Creek,Nowood River Number Five Mine,Nowood River Number Two Mine,Nugget Reservoir,Old Maid Gulch,Old Quaker Reservoir,Onion Gulch,Otter Creek,Otter Creek Vee,Packer Group Mine,Paul Reservoir,Powder River Mine,Pumpjack Reservoir,Ray Dam,Ray Reservoir,Rays Detention Dam,Red Bank Dam,Red Bank Reservoir,Red Gulch,Right Angle Reservoir,Rimrock Draw,Roughs Reservoir,Round Corral Reservoir,Salt Lick Creek,Sand Draw,Sawmill Creek,School Section Draw,Scorpion Draw,Seven Elk Reservoir,Shaw Creek,Shortys Reservoir,Signal Butte,Silted Reservoir,Simmon Reservoir,Slate Ridge Number Eight Mine,Slate Ridge Number Nine Mine,Slate Ridge Number Ten Mine,Snap Reservoir,South Butte,South Fork Little Canyon Creek,South Fork Otter Creek,Spring Branch,Spring Creek,Spring Creek Area Mine,Spring Creek Canyon,Standish Ditch,Star Pit,Tabletop,Taylor Brothers Ranch,Taylor Draw,Taylor Prospect Mine,Ten Sleep,Ten Sleep Area Mine,Ten Sleep Division,Tensleep Canyon,Tensleep Canyon Mine,Tensleep Creek,Tepee Pole Draw,The Castle Rock,The Dugout,The Honeycombs,The Vees,Tomis Pit,Toms Cabin,Town of Ten Sleep,Twin Creek,Two Tree Reservoir,Two Wash Dam,Two Wash Detention Dam,Two Wash Reservoir,Uncle Billys Flats,V W Reservoir,Victoria Ditch,Victoria Winsor Ditch,Wagon Prong,Wagon Prong Reservoir,Warner Gulch,Warner Reservoir,Washakie County,Werland Draw,West Diamond Ranch,West Fork Willow Creek,West Reservoir,Wigwam Fish Rearing Station,Wild Horse Butte,Wild Horse Creek,Wild Horse Hill,Wilkes Cabin,Williams Mill,Willow Creek,Witness Corner Reservoir,Woods Gulch,Worland Nowood Draw Number 4,Yellow Flats Reservoir