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  • Wyoming Whitetail Deer GMU 5 Map Image
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Wyoming Whitetail Deer GMU 5 Map

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Hunting unit map of Wyoming Game Management Unit WTD-5 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 82729,82730,Airport Shale Pit Mine,Albert Mann Mine,Ames Ranch,Arch Creek,Arledge Ranch,Arrowhead Reservoir,Art Creek,Baker Ranch,Barton Oil Field,Barton Ranch,Barton Reservoir,Beaver Creek,Belsher Mine,Benne Reservoir,Bentley,Benton Creek,Berger Creek,Berger Reservoir,Betty Reservoir,Big Delaney Dam,Big Delaney Reservoir,Black Butte Deposit Mine,Black Buttes,Boardinghouse Creek,Bock Hill,Bolton Mine,Bond Creek,Bowl Dam,Bowl Reservoir,Brainerd Dam,Brainerd Reservoir,Brown Comm 9-497-2 Reservoir,Brown Reservoir,Buffalo Creek,Bute Dam,Bute Reservoir,C B,Calvin Creek,Cedar Knoll,Cedar Reservoir,Cedar Ridge Mine,Chassell Creek,Clark Reservoir,Cleo Creek,Clyde Ranch,Coal Mine Hill,Colloid,Corral Creek,Cottonwood Creek,Coyote Creek,Coyote Creek Oil Field,Cranston Ranch,Crazy Creek,Cundy Creek,Deer Creek,Donkey Creek,Douglas Place,Driskell Ranch,Dry Creek,Dry Creek Pit Mine,Duck Creek,Duling Hill,Dumbrill Creek,E E Wakeman Reservoir,Eagle Buttes,Edith Creek,Edwards Number 3 Dam,Eggie Basin,Eggie Creek,Enlargement Little Pine Ridge Reservoir,Farley Number One Mine,Farley Number Three Mine,Farley Number Two Mine,Fescue Creek,Fish Mountain,Fred Reservoir,Freda Creek,Goose Butte,Gose Ranch Property Mine,Government Valley Mine,Graham Ranch,Graham Reservoir,Grasshopper Butte,Green Mountain,Green River,Gypsum Buttes,Hagerman Reservoir,Harriet Peterson Number One Mine,Harriet Peterson Number Two Mine,Hay Creek,Holwell Prospects One and Two Mine,Hooker Peak,Houston Creek,Houston Reservoir,Hoyer Creek,Huff Dam,Huff Reservoir,Inyan Kara Mountain,Iron Mountain,Iron Run,J W and M J Luman Dam,Jeff Davis Reservoir,Jerome,Jerome Area Mine,Joanne Creek,Kara,Kellog Reservoir,Keyhole Dam,Keyhole Ranch,Keyhole Reservoir,Lime Buttes,Linden,Little Houston Creek,Little Keyhole Lake,Little Pine Ridge Creek,Little Piney Creek,Little Spring Creek,Lone Tree Creek,Lost Houston Creek,Lower Willow Creek,Luman Reservoir,Macumba Reservoir,Mary and Stella Mulholland Dam,Mary and Stella Mulholland Reservoir,Mason Creek,Materi Number 2 Dam,Materi Ranch,Merich Ranch,Middle Fork Wind Creek,Miller Creek,Mirich Reservoir,Montgomery Hill,Monumental City,Moorcroft,Moorcroft Division,Mount Tom,Mule Creek,Myrtle Reservoir,Norris Ranch,North Deer Creek,North Fork Sundance Creek,North Miller Creek,North Spring Creek,Oak Canyon,Oak Creek,O'Haver Hill,O'Haver Peak,Oil Creek Mine,Old HK Ranch,Owens Draw Mine,Patrick Creek,Paxton Creek,Paxton Reservoir,Perino Dam,Pfeiffer Hill,Pine Haven,Pine Knob,Pine Ridge Creek,Pine Ridge Mine,Pyles and Olson Mine,Red Creek,Richard Reservoir,Ritthaler Ranch,Road Creek,Road Dam,Road Reservoir,Robinson Creek,Robinson Ranch,Rupe Hill,Rush Creek,Russell Storage Reservoir,Sage Creek,Schuricht Ranch,Shale Hill,Shannon Ranch,Sheldon Creek,Silver Creek,Skull Creek,Smoke Creek,Soap Creek,Soldier Creek,Sommers Dam,Sommers Reservoir,South Coyote Oil Field,South Deer Creek,South Fork Little Houston Creek,South Fork West Fork Miller Creek,Spring Branch,Spring Branch Development Company Reservoir,Spring Creek,Spy Glass Hill,Star Butte,Steven Reservoir,Strawberry Mountain,Sugarloaf,Summit Materials Quarry Mine,Sundance,Sundance District Ranger Station,Sundance Division,Sundance Mountain,Sweet Ranch,Syndicate Reservoir,Tavegia Pit Mine,Thomas Reservoir,Thompson Ranch,Thornton,Thornton Dome Mine,Thornton Reservoir,Tomcat Creek,Town of Moorcroft,Town of Pine Haven,Town of Sundance,Town of Upton,Trail Creek,Trout Reservoir,Upton,Upton Bentonite Mine,Upton Dam,Upton Number One,Upton Number Two,Upton Reservoir,Vista West Trailer Park,W E Ware Reservoir,Washington Park,Wellman Reservoir,West Fork Benton Creek,West Fork Miller Creek,West Fork Skull Creek,West Fork Wind Creek,Willow Creek,Wind Creek,Yakju Dam,Yakju Reservoir